Who We Are

RC Logger Team

Dedicated team members including Gary, Tracy, Christine, Chris, Mimi, Doris, Stephen and Lesley are here to provide the best support we can.


The RC Logger Team provides full range of service, from innovative product development, technical support to customer service. Providing excellent quality products and best customer service to our valuable customers is our mission.

RCLogger.Com is dedicated to showcase our exclusive products & ideas. The RC Logger development has started back in the year 2008 with the idea of combining data and imaging capturing into one simple but robust solution. The people behind this idea are not only dedicated engineers themselves but also active members of the R/C community, actively flying and engaging themselves wherever possible and where time allows it to. Our aim was and still is to develop and create an ongoing RC Logger product generation, enhancing each generation based on new technology available on the market at that point of time. We enjoy our work and hobby - and we want you to enjoy our creations too.

As R/C enthusiasts ourselves for many years, we have the experience and knowledge to manufacture products that suit the desires of R/C hobbyists. We are active members of the Hong Kong Model Engineering Club (HKMEC). This is where we like to test our prototypes. The feedback we acquire from other highly skilled and experienced pilots within the club are integral to perfecting our products.

We have our own team of in-house engineers dedicated to bringing ideas and technology together to form state-of-the-art products. The R&D road-map for the future will remain focused on R/C products and the RC Logger product family.

All our products are designed and produced with quality and safety as the first priority. Each of our products are tested by internationally accredited testing laboratories and are certified to comply with the strict safety regulations of the European Union (EU).

If you have any questions about us or if you would like to join us as distributor in your region, please contact us directly.