The RC Logger family consists of the RC Logger X2, RC Logger PRO, RC Logger HD2 or RC Logger LC main unit which houses a HD image- and video- capturing device (RC Logger X2, PRO and HD2) as well as a data processing unit  which allows to connect additional sensor modules to the main unit. The RC Logger is designed and constructed robust and reliable. Its strong, yet light ABS housing protects the electronic components and camera optics. A fixing screw allows simple but tight lens adjustments (RC Logger HD2 and PRO only). For details on differences between the RC Logger X2, PRO, HD2 and LC, please refer to the comparison chart.

RC Logger Product Overview

The development concept and plan is based on future generation compatibility; hence; sensors and modules which are available now and in the future will be fully compatible with the main unit. Even in the event that a new generation main unit will be released, all previous sensors can still be connected and analysed via the RC Logger Viewer PC software. The PC software is a very powerful tool, allowing 3D flight path analysis based on precisely recorded GPS data. It also allows to quickly view module sensor data, cutting and trimming the recorded video or save single video frames as .jpg file.

If you are looking for additional accessories or replacement parts, please check the RC Logger Accessories section.