Power & RPM Module

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Power & RPM Module

This product is intended for connecting it with the RC Logger. The system sensor will measure, current consumption, voltage usage and motor RPM.
Package Weight: 0.02 kg

This  product  is  intended  for connecting it   with  the  RC Logger HD, RC Logger HD2, RC Logger PRO or RC Logger LC  to provide  system data such as power usage including voltage-, current- consumption and motor RPM during flight.  This will allow users to determine the total current drawn from the ESC/BEC as well as the voltage provided from the main battery. The module will also allow to check individual LiPo cell voltage, whereby 6S are supported. The collected data can be viewed and analyzed with the RC Logger Viewer or RC Logger Commander Software. Exported data may also be analyzed by Microsoft Excel or similar applications. All collected add-on module data are synchronized with the video- or photo- material captured by the RC Logger (HD version only). The included buzzer will alert the user if any of the cells appear to be faulty or low capacity. The buzzer may be connected optionally if required but is included with the product shipping content.

The following items are included in the delivery:

  • Power & RPM module   
  • Logger Connection Cable to connect to RC  Logger HD, RC Logger HD2 / RC Logger LC
  • Module Connection Cable to connect to other sensors
  • RPM Adapter Cable
  • Buzzer with cable
  • 2 red heat shrinks
  • 4 black heat shrinks
  • Male power connector
  • Female power connector
  • Operating instructions

Product code:

  • 20002RC
  • Power & RPM module
  • Status LED
  • Power LED
  • I/O and Power port (1x V-in / 1x V-out / 2x GND)
  • Motor RPM port/connector
  • Lipo cell port/connector (6S)
  • Warning buzzer
Cable Specifications
Module cable length 200 mm
Sensor Specifications
Current range up to 200 A
Current resolution 0.1 A
Individual Cell Voltage range 0 - 4.2 V
Individual Cell Voltage resolution 0.1 V
Individual Cells supported up to 6S
Main Voltage - Cells supported up to 12S
Main Voltage range 0 - 50.4 V
Main Voltage resolution 0.1 V
RPM display range 0 - 19000 rpm
RPM measurement range 150 - 19000 rpm
RPM resolution 10 rpm
Technical Specifications
Current consumption max. 130 mA
Operating temperature -10 to +60 Celsius
Operating voltage 3.6 to 6 V/DC
Storage temperature -20 to +60 Celsius
Physical Specifications
Balancer cable length 120 mm
Buzzer cable length 100 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 33 x 23 x 43 mm
Logger connection cable length 200 mm
Module cable length 200 mm
RPM cable length 100 mm
V-in/V-out cable length 100 mm
Weight 70 g
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