Digital Pitch Gauge 2

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Digital Pitch Gauge 2

Digital Pitch Gauge 2 (40002RC) including protection case. 3x mounting adapter for tail blade, main blade and swashplate leveling. Metal pin pointer, rubber protector and 4x CR2032 button cell (2x for spare).
Package Weight: 0.82 kg

Since RC Logger introduced the revolutionary Digital Pitch Gauge which offers simplicity, high accuracy and ultra fast pitch angle measurement, the age of painful fiddling with mechanical pitch gauges has finally come to an end. Being the pioneer we pushed ourselves one step ahead by proudly introducing the Digital Pitch Gauge 2. This 2nd generation digital pitch gauge offers even more innovative enhancements for powerful tuning in the airfield.

The new generation Digital Pitch Gauge 2 with patented technology is packed with all popular features including rotating display, calibration, auto power-off, plus innovative enhancements like buzzer alert for target angles, metal pin pointer for quick visual check, as well as flexible installation via inserted magnet or screw nut. All parts are packed safely in a handy and durable protection case for day-to-day use.

Pitch and Roll measurement

The all new Digital Pitch Gauge 2  now offers two dimensional measurement - Pitch angle as well as Roll angle measurement. This feature allows you to adjust not only the main rotor blade, but also the tail rotor blade and swashplate with ease.

3 measure modes (Main rotor blade / Tail rotor blade / Swashplate)

The Digital Pitch Gauge 2 now comes with three handy detachable mount adapters that allow you to adjust the main rotor blade, tail rotor blade and swashplate with ease. Just put the adapters in place and snap on the Pitch Gauge via the inserted magnets.

9 memory profiles to preset target angles

Now you can pre-define your preferred target angles beforehand and save it into your Digital Pitch Gauge 2. Nine memory profiles are available for storing target measurements for 3 measurement modes in each of the profiles. During tuning, a buzzer alert will signal when the target angle is reached.

3 seconds countdown time to hold the display, set zero angle, or set target angle

A countdown time of 3 seconds is available when you are freezing the display for easier reading, setting a reference zero angle or setting a target angle for memory storage. This means that you have a buffer period for placing and adjusting the pitch gauge in the desired position after pressing the function button. No more worries about affected readings by the button pressing action.

The following items are included in the delivery:

  • Digital Pitch Gauge 2
  • Mount adapter for Main rotor blade
  • Mount adapter for Tail rotor blade
  • Mount adapter for Swashplate (exchangeable plates for 2 shaft sizes)
  • Metal pin pointer
  • Rubber protector
  • Protection case
  • CR2032 button cell x 4
  • Operating instructions

Product code:

  • 40002RC

Check the Comparison Chart to view the difference between our Digital Pitch Gauge models.

  • Pitch and Roll measurement    3 measure modes (Main rotor blade / Tail rotor blade / Swashplate)
  • 9 memory profiles to preset target angles
  • Countdown (3 secs) to hold display or set zero / target angle
  • Rotating display
  • Calibration function
  • Auto power-off
  • Buzzer alert for target angles
  • Metal pin pointer for quick visual check
  • Flexible installation via inserted magnet or screw nut
  • All parts packed safely in a handy and durable protection case for day-to-day use
Technical Specifications
Operating temperature 0 to +40 Celsius
Operating voltage 6 V/DC (CR2032 x 2)
Power consumption max. 0.5 W
Resolution 0.1 Degree
Physical Specifications
Compatible blade width Main rotor blade (21 to 75 mm), Tail rotor blade (15 to 40 mm)
Dimensions (W x H x D) Pitch Gauge (62 x 42 x 16.5 mm), Main rotor blade mount (120 x 72.5 x 15.6 mm), Tail rotor blade mount (94.5 x 100 x 26.6 mm), Swashplate mount (64 x 43 x 75 mm)
Weight Pitch Gauge (41 g), Main rotor blade mount (25 g), Tail rotor blade mount (27 g), Swashplate mount (42 g)
The following accessories are currently available:

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writes: 13.11.2012
This is one impressive product, and i havent even used it yet.
It might be the best packaged RC product ive ever seen. And the pack job they did on the shipping box was awesome, i think they could have tossed it out of the plane as it passed overhead.
one more time THANKS!
writes: 13.11.2012
Used this thing last week and I dont think Ill ever setup another heli with out it.