NovaX 350

RC EYE NovaX 350: Altitude With An Attitude
Task Point Command System (T.P.C.S.) allows you to set tasks for the NovaX 350 at each way point via the EYE Control App. Software Managed Auto Return Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) helps regain stability and return to the HOME location. Combine both of these functions, the NovaX 350 is the S.M.A.R.T.-est Quad yet!
The Altitude Height-hold (Mid-Stick) function is enabled by the integrated barometric sensor within the specifications in the Quad. Combined with high quality 6-axis gyro and acceleration sensor, the NovaX 350 is the most reliable Aerial Photography Quadrocopter in the RC EYE family.
NovaX 350 contains a MicroUSB input on the flight board which allows
users to just simply plug-in and upgrade the firmware.Aerial
Photography, Sport and Mid-Stick Flight modes are preset, users are
welcome to fully customize their own flight modes!
your NovaX 350 to the EYE Control App via the Bluetooth Module. Once
connected, you can access to functions such as S.M.A.R.T. and I.R.P.C.
via GPS and Compass embedded microchip technology. It also allows
altitude height-hold (Mid-Stick) control while travelling on a
pre-defined flight path.
Never before was a quad constructed with both Aerial Photography and sports flying concepts combined together. The versatility and the ease of switching flight modes with the NovaX empowers you the ability to control this ”graceful monster”, whether you are shooting a video or performing flashy maneuvers.
The NovaX shows more evidence of Intelligent Design than any other quads in its class. The detachable legs make it very easy to switch between Aerial Photography and sports flying. The ”Symmetrical body construction” allows the NovaX to be dissembled and have parts replaced quickly and effortlessly. It was truly made with user practicality and convenience in mind.
Own the night with the optional Night Flying Kit upgrade for the NovaX 350.Light pattern could be controlled and triggered by Transmitter switch or Bluetooth via the EYE control APP.Available Spring 2015