NovaX Aerial Photography Set

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NovaX Aerial Photography Set

This ideal set provides a complete and stable platform for aerial photography / videography needs, using a GoPro Hero4 Black / Silver, GoPro Hero3+ & GoPro Hero3.
Package Weight: 11.5 kg


Refined Aerial Performance System

The NovaX Plus Aerial Photography Set is the ultimate setup for the person looking to take get beautiful photographs/videos from the sky above. With our X3 Mini Gimbal Pro and retractable landing gear included, you can be setup and ready to start getting incredible aerial footage in less time than it takes to charge up the flight battery. The retractable landing gear ensures they stay out of the way of being in your shot and is a first in the industry in the 350 size class. Just add your choice of GoPro (also fits Xiaomi Yi) and you’re ready to start capturing the shots you’ve always hoped to get.

Integrated 5.8GHz VTX (Live Video Transmission)

The 3-axis X3 Mini Gimbal Pro now has an integrated 5.8GHz 20/200mw video transmitter directly within the gimbal plate. The first of it’s kind, there’s no longer a need to purchase a video transmitter separately and try to find a location to mount it. It’s already seamlessly designed within the gimbal allowing you to connect to a video receiver and instantly see what your action camera see’s. Also there’s no extra wiring required. It’s all built right into the wiring harness. Just plug it in to the access cable on your NovaX 350 Plus and your ready to view. Optional 5.8 GHz video receiver (RX), LCD monitor and FPV Goggles are available in the Accessories.

Retractable Landing Gears

Tired of seeing those annoying landing gear legs, and skids interrupting that perfect video you are trying to capture? We’ve got you covered! The Retract system moves the landing legs up, and out of the way perfectly. Now you can have unparalleled panning of your gimbal without worrying about anything interfering with your footage!

S.M.A.R.T and I.R.P.C Technology enabled

Software Managed Auto Return Technology and Intelligent Relative Positioning Control via GPS and Compass embedded microchip technology. Allow pilots to safely control the craft back to its takeoff position. Permitting stick inputs to move the craft in stick direction independent from the crafts actual flight direction. The integrated barometric sensor allows altitude height hold control while traveling on a pre-defined flight path.

Task Point Command System (T.P.C.S.)

Set your altitude, velocity, orientation, hold time and even custom task to perform at each task point along the way. You the pilot are in full control of setting up a completely custom flight path all at the simple press of a few buttons within the EYEControl App.

GPS Position and Altitude Height Hold

In GPS mode the NovaX 350 Plus can hold a set position (x, y, and z-axis) with the GPS function while in the Altitude mode (mid-stick mode) holds the NovaX 350 Plus at a desired altitude.

Return To Home (R.T.H.)

"Return To Home" is a failsafe feature allowing the NovaX 350 to fly back to its original take-off position in the event of a signal loss or pilot trigger.

The Perfect Sidekick

The RtF version of the NovaX Plus comes with a complementary RC Logger R8 Radio Set which makes this incredible drone able to literally fly straight out of the box. This 8-channel radio set and features a reliable AFHD System as well as a LED display that is compatible with telemetry data from the NovaX.

With Pilots in Mind

What makes the NovaX Plus so great is the amount detail included in designing its Flight Control Board. Equipped with the reliable ARM Cortex - M4 Processor, a MPU 6050 gyro, an acceleration sensor and lots of other features, the NovaX Plus promises to deliver a seamless and enjoyable flight performance. Learn more about it here.

Getting the Frame Right

Built with high-grade materials comprising of carbon and aluminum composite parts, the NovaX Plus's ‘High Performance Rigid Airframe Construction’ ensures the right level of stiffness, keeps the vibrations off the grid and the weight optimized for aerial photographers as well as casual hobbyists like you.

Fly Swiftly and Elegantly

These premium brushless Motors are installed on the quadrocopter to make the NovaX Plus the most reliable Aerial Photography Platform in the RC EYE family. In addition to the stability that the motors offer, it also provides the option to unleash the full speed, agility and fun of your NovaX.

A 'Touch' of Modernity

The EYEControl App supports Software Managed Auto Return Technology (S.M.A.R.T.), Return to Home (R.T.H.), Task Point Command System (T.P.C.S.) and Intelligent Relative Positioning Control (I.R.P.C.). EYEControl App runs on iOS 7.0+ or Android 4.3+ devices with Bluetooth version 4.0+BLE. Note that for iPhone users, it is compatible with  iPhone 4S or later models only.



RC Logger Pilot's Apparel

This NovaX Plus Aerial Photography Set includes everything you need to make the perfect shots from the bird’s eye view no matter if you want to take single photographs or capture aerial video footage. A RC Logger transmitter neck strap, a towel and a tee are also included.   

* Please select the size and put the request in the remark before submitting the order. If no specific size is mentioned, a tee of random size will be sent instead.*    

The following items are included in the delivery:

  • 1 x RC EYE NovaX 350 Plus (RtF)
  • 1 x X3 Mini Gimbal Pro (Camera is not included)
  • 1 x NovaX Retractable Landing Gear
  • 1 x NovaX Propeller Set (Carbon Fiber)
  • 1 x RC Logger Towel
  • 1 x RC Logger Tee Shirt
Items needed to set up the FPV:

Product Code:

  • 52017RC
  • Eye catching Aerial Photography platform
  • 6-axis gyro & acceleration sensor
  • Live video transmission
  • GNSS, I.R.P.C. and S.M.A.R.T. technology enabled
  • Task Point flying
  • Altitude height hold
  • GPS position hold
  • Return to home
  • GEO Fencing flying configuration
  • High precision 3-axis gimbal stabilization
  • Plug and play with no setup needed for the gimbal
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 Black/ Silver
  • Easy retract system setup and control
  • Free of obstruction for the camera view
  • User programmable flight modes
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced Composite Frame
  • Firmware upgrade-able for future upgrades
  • App configurable via Bluetooth, Telemetry and PPM compatible


  • GNSS: Advanced GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS Global Navigation Satellite System. Allowing to establish a stable and precise X/Y-axis position hold, return to home, as well as "T.P.C.S" flying. Position hold, in combination with Z-axis altitude height hold, is typically applied during aerial photography applications. Further GNSS allows recovering or locating your unit in case of an emergency.  

  • I.R.P.C.: An algorithm defined as "Intelligent Relative Positioning Control" based on compass and positioning data allowing pilots to quickly recover the unit in the event of loss of visual orientation. Regardless of the unit’s heading I.R.P.C. will directly respond to control stick inputs relative to the pilot’s location.

  • R.T.H.: "Return To Home" is a failsafe feature allowing the NovaX 350 to fly back to its original take-off position in the event of a signal loss or pilot trigger.

  • S.M.A.R.T.:  The "Software Managed Auto Return Technology" function provides App based simple user configuration options allowing pilots to set "Task Point" commands and home location parameter through mobile devices via Bluetooth connectivity.

  • T.P.C.S.:  Known as "Task Point Command System" differs from commonly known way-points, thus allowing a full set of "tasks" to be completed on each defined "Task Point" such as a full 360 rotation for instance. T.P.C.S. is controlled by App also known as "EYE Control".
RC EYE NovaX 350 Plus
Admissible humidity max. 75 % rel. humidity, non-condensing
Admissible temperature range +32 to +104 Fahrenheit (0 to +40 Celsius)
Diameter without propellers 13.78 inches (350 mm)
Flight time 15 mins for 5200 mAh battery without payload (Times may vary depending on flight style and environmental conditions)
Max. transmission distance 2624 - 3280 ft (800 - 1000 m) with R8 Radio System (Range may vary depending on environmental conditions)
Maximum payload Approx. 12.3 oz (350 g) (excluding NovaX unit and battery)
Maximum take-off weight Approx. 52.9 oz (1500 g)
Operating conditions No wind, light to mild wind
Operating environment Outdoors Only
Rechargeable battery 11.1 V 5200 mAh LiPo 3-Cell
Weight (without battery) 28.5 oz (808 g) (with standard legs) 28.8 oz (816 g) (with long legs)
X3 Mini Gimbal (Pro)
Heading angle -120° to +135°
Heading following rate 3°/sec to 75°/sec
Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy 0.1 - 0.5
Operating voltage 7 - 17 V/DC
Pitch angle -90° to + 45°
Pitch following rate 2°/sec to 25°/sec
Roll angle -45° to +45°
Stabilization 3-axis: pitch, roll, yaw
Static attitude tracking accuracy 0.01 - 0.05
Weight 5.71 oz (162 g) (without camera)
Video Frequency Specifications
Channel frequency CH1: 5.73 GHz, CH2: 5.75 GHz, CH3: 5.77 GHz, CH4: 5.79 GHz, CH5: 5.81 GHz, CH6: 5.83 GHz, CH7: 5.85 GHz, CH8: 5.87 GHz
Number of RF channels 8
Range 300m
Camera compatibility
Camera model GoPro HERO4 Black / Silver, GoPro HERO3+, GoPro HERO3, Yi Camera (Xiaomi), cameras of similar size
NovaX Retractable Landing Gear
Operating current Max. 900 mA at 4.8 V ; Max. 1000 mA at 6.0 V
Operating temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
Operating voltage 4.8 V - 6.0 V
Servo travel 60 degree
Signal input PWM (high-pulse width: 800 us - 2200 us)
Weight 3.35 oz (95 g) (without Carbon Fiber Landing Legs)
Charger Specifications
Cell terminate voltage 4.2 V ± 0.02 V
Charging current max.1.2 A
Input voltage 100 – 240 V/AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption max. 11 W ± 10 %
App compatibility
Compatible platform iOS 7+ or Android 4.3+ with Bluetooth 4.0+BLE (Note for iPhone users: iPhone 4S or later models is required)

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EYE Loader - Firmware Update

RC EYE NovaX 350 - R8 Radio Firmware update (v 1.1.1)


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