5.8 GHz Video TX RX Set

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5.8 GHz Video TX RX Set

5.8 GHz video FPV system. Includes a video transmitter, receiver and detachable display unit. All required cables and metal belt clip included.
Package Weight: 0.98 kg

The CE certified 5.8 GHz Video Transmission Set is intended to be used in combination with the RC Logger PRO. It may also be used with any other device which provides an A/V output signal.

Exciting FPV experience

With the all new 5.8 GHz Video TX/RX Module and LCD Set, you can now live-stream video and audio from your flying RC models! Compatible with RC Logger PRO, the 5.8 GHz Video TX / RX Module and LCD Set offers  FPV experience with exciting features.

Designed for optimum performance

The 5.8 GHz Video Transmission Set is designed and tuned to offer maximum power output with minimum loss. Equipped with Futaba type trigger and power socket, the TX can be powered on via RC radio receiver. Frequency channel selector on the TX and RX module allows up to 8 frequency channels and also supports stereo audio transmission to enhance your FPV experience. The 3.5" detachable LCD monitor delivers bright and sharp images optimized for outdoor viewing.

Smart design with great features

Video Transmitter (TX) - Compact and light weight with robust ABS housing. Easy connection with the RC Logger PRO AV signal via the AV cable provided. Equipped with status LED and Futaba type power and trigger port to power on via RC remote control.

Video Receiver (RX) - Detachable from LCD monitor to give extra mobility. Additional A/V out socket allows for connection with extra display. The power and battery status LED keeps you alert of the remaining power level. Internal battery is rechargeable via microUSB cable provided. Comes with metal belt clip for carrying around with ease.

LCD Display Unit - Detachable from the RX module by a simple sliding action. Monitor can be used as a standalone external monitor by taking in analog PAL/NTSC signal via the additional A/V in socket. User adjustable settings include monitor brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and video format (PAL/NTSC). The LCD display unit comes with a foldable stand for placing on flat surfaces and can be mounted on RC remote control with the Radio System Mount (available separately). Equipped also with power and battery status LED like the RX module. Internal battery is rechargeable via microUSB cable provided.

The following items are included in the delivery:   

  • 5.8 GHz Video TX Module   
  • 5.8 GHz Video RX Module   
  • 3.5" Detachable LCD for 5.8 GHz RX Module
  • A/V Cable (2.5mm stereo to RCA)
  • A/V Cable (2.5mm mono to I2C)
  • A/V Cable (2.5mm mono to 2.5mm stereo)
  • A/V Cable (I2C to RCA)
  • 2 x microUSB cable
  • 2 x Antenna
  • Operating instructions
Product code:
  • 20015RC

Video Transmitter (TX):

  • 5.8 GHz FM modulation   
  • Frequency channel selector (up to 8 channels)   
  • Power and trigger port (Futaba type)
  • Remote ON/OFF control function
  • Status LED

Video Receiver (RX):

  • 5.8 GHz FM modulation
  • Frequency channel selector (up to 8 channels)
  • Additional A/V Out socket
  • Power and Battery status LED
  • Metal belt clip
  • Detachable from LCD monitor
  • Rechargeable internal battery via microUSB port

LCD Display Unit:

  • User-adjustable monitor settings (brightness/contrast/color/sharpness/video format)
  • Stereo audio
  • Additional A/V In socket
  • Power and Battery status LED
  • Foldable stand
  • Detachable from video RX
  • Rechargeable internal battery via microUSB port
Display Specifications
Backlight Detachable Monitor (LED)
Horizontal view angle Detachable Monitor (120 deg)
Luminance Detachable Monitor (200 cd/m2)
Size Detachable Monitor (LCD panel: 3.5 inch)
Vertical view angle Detachable Monitor (100 deg)
General Specifications
Audio Video Transmitter (Stereo), Video Receiver (Stereo)
Connections Video Transmitter (A/V in: 4 pin 2.0 mm I2C port, DC in: Futaba type trigger port), Video Receiver (A/V out: 4 pin 2.5 mm phone jack, DC in: microUSB port), Detachable Monitor (A/V in: 4 pin 2.5 mm phone jack, DC in: microUSB port)
Rechargeable battery Video Receiver (1200 mAh LiPo), Detachable Monitor (1200 mAh LiPo)
Video format Detachable Monitor (NTSC / PAL)
Video Frequency Specifications
Antenna gain Video Transmitter (3 dbi / standard, 9 dbi optional available), Video Receiver (3 dBi)
Channel frequency CH1: 5.73 GHz, CH2: 5.75 GHz, CH3: 5.77 GHz, CH4: 5.79 GHz, CH5: 5.81 GHz, CH6: 5.83 GHz, CH7: 5.85 GHz, CH8: 5.87 GHz
Modulation Video Transmitter (FSK)
Number of RF channels Video Transmitter (8), Video Receiver (8)
Range Video Transmitter (300 m / non boost mode), Video Receiver (300 m)
RC Channel spaces Video Transmitter (20 MHz)
Transmission power Video Transmitter (13 dbm for normal mode, 22 dbm for boost mode)
Technical Specifications
Battery duration Video Receiver (4 hours), Detachable Monitor (3 hours)
Current consumption Video Transmitter (max. 150 ± 10 mA), Video Receiver (190 ± 10 mA), Detachable Monitor (400 mA)
Operating temperature Video Transmitter (-10 to +50 Celsius), Video Receiver (-10 to +50 Celsius), Detachable Monitor (-10 to +50 Celsius)
Operating voltage Video Transmitter (5 V/DC), Video Receiver (5 V/DC), Detachable Monitor (5 V/DC)
Output power Video Transmitter (25 mW / non boost mode)
Power consumption Video Transmitter (Normal mode / 16 dbm: 150 mAh, Boost mode / 22 dbm: 300 mAh)
Resolution Detachable Monitor (320 x 240 / 4:3)
Storage temperature Video Transmitter (-20 to +60 Celsius), Video Receiver (-20 to +60 Celsius), Detachable Monitor (-20 to +60 Celsius)
Physical Specifications
Antenna (L) Video Transmitter (85 mm), Video Receiver (85 mm)
Dimensions (W x H x D) Video Transmitter (36.8 x 54 x 14.5 mm / without antenna), Video Receiver (44 x 80 x 26 mm / without antenna), Detachable Monitor (96 x 78 x 20 mm)
Weight Video Transmitter (26 g / with antenna), Video Receiver (83 g / with antenna and battery), Detachable Monitor (130 g / with battery)

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writes: 14.04.2014
Just installed on a dji phantom 2 using the cloverleaf antennas,not bad,it's good for about 500 feet,great for the money,no fuss wiring,I am satisfied!
writes: 11.09.2013
This system works great for the money. I have it on a DJI Phantom and use it for framing my shots - you can't really see detail, the resolution is WAY too low. The range is a little shorter than I was hoping - I can get about 50-60 yards before I lose the signal. For the low price it is great - a goo place to start with FPV
writes: 13.11.2012
This could be cool for FPV/AP flights.
writes: 13.11.2012
Your company is striving for what the end user (RC Hobbyist) wants in a really nice AP/AV FPV System at an extremely affordable cost.