Product Overview

RC Logger is committed to offering drones unlike anything else found in the market. Our design is not only different from what any other company produces, but also offers features and functionality not offered elsewhere. Our product line covers the full spectrum of pricing and skill level so there is something for everyone.

RC Logger Product Overview

Our current product line consists of the RC EYE One S, RC EYE One Xtreme, RC EYE Navigator 250, RC EYE NovaX 350 , RC EYE NovaX 350 Plus and our soon to be released RC EYE Twist 300. All of our drones are modular in design so that each part can be replaced or repaired when necessary. Also we use strong materials and think about crash resistance in the design of each product.

The Navigator 250 is our FPV (First Person View) drone and the NovaX 350 and NovaX 350 Plus are our aerial photography video drones. Both are built with top quality materials including a large portion of the design incorporating carbon fiber. Although vastly different in purpose, both of these products offer many of the same features. Things like dual GPS, return to home, Task Point Command System (T.P.C.S.) mission planer, fully autonomous flight and much, much more. Also they both have bluetooth built right in for connectivity to our EYE Control app, for complete customization of the flight characteristics and accessories. We have put very much of the focus on our drones being the perfect flyer for even a first time flyer.

Our soon to be released Twist 300, definitely has the hobbyist 3D pilot in mind. With the ability to do 3D maneuvers like inverted flight, tick tocks, hurricanes and anything you can throw at it. It’s truly the no holds bar flyer. Just like the previously mentioned product line a main portion of the framing uses carbon fiber with a very rigid frame to ensure it can take the impact from pushing it to its limits. It will be implementing technology that has not been seen anywhere else in the market yet.

Not only do we offer all of the replacement parts for our product lines, but we offer many accessories and add on’s for each one of our drones, so that you can customize and create the perfect drone for you. Along with the top quality of our products we offer top service and support as well so you can be sure you made the right choice in purchasing an RC Logger product.

We have many more drones and accessories in the works and we look forward to hopefully you joining the RC EYE Journey!