X3 Mini Gimbal (Pro)

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X3 Mini Gimbal (Pro)

The 3-axis X3 Mini Gimbal (Pro) has an integrated 5.8GHz video transmitter delivering real-time and smooth video.
Package Weight: 0.5 kg

The X3 Mini Gimbal (Pro) uses brushless motors on all 3-axis along with a very advanced gyro/sensing system to offer excellent performance. With live video transmission, three flight modes, three mounting options, the use of multiple brands of sport cameras as well as an extremely modern and clean design, the X3 sticks out from the crowd of “other” gimbals on the market. The X3 is one of the lightest 3-axis sport cam gimbals on the market. Offering silky smooth footage with full control of the tilt and roll directly from the NovaX Plus controller board, the aerial video footage and photographs you've always dreamed of are now a reality.

Integrated 5.8GHz VTX (Live Video Transmission)

The X3 now has an integrated 5.8GHz 20/200mw video transmitter directly within the gimbal plate. The first of it’s kind, there’s no longer a need to purchase a video transmitter separately and try to find a location to mount it. It’s already seamlessly designed within the gimbal allowing you to connect to a video receiver and instantly see what your action camera see’s. Also there’s no extra wiring required. It’s all built right into the wiring harness. Just plug it in to the access cable on your NovaX 350 Plus and your ready to view.

Quick Release Function

The quick release plate to the X3 gimbal now allows you to quickly and easily remove your X3 gimbal within just a matter of seconds. It’s quick and easy with no tools required. Now the addition of the X3 to your NovaX 350 Plus is truly plug and play. Just release and remove the stock plate, snap the gimbal in it’s place and you’re done. Offering the quick release along with quick release legs gives your NovaX Plus the ultimate portability!

Tuned and Ready To Fly

While others make kits available or offer a product that might need tuning once in the owners hand, the X3 is truly plug and play, which means setup is effortless. All it requires to work is to install your camera and power up the X3 and that's it. The X3 will within seconds be ready to fly. No guess work and no spending hours tuning.

Lightweight, Strong and Beautiful

It took a lot of work to get all three of these features in one package but the X3 accomplishes it. The X3 is one of the lightest 3-axis gimbals on the market. But being light weight doesn't mean much if it's fragile. So the design is a mixture of metal, strong ABS plastic mixes and multi layered PCB sheets. All of this works together to create a strong frame that also encloses all of the core components. Also, the design isn't just strong in function but also hides all of the wiring and most of the motor as well to create an extremely clean and modern design that shows a level of quality not found in most other gimbals on the market. The X3 is the perfect gimbal for those with even the highest standard of appearance on their aircraft.

Custom Created Controller Board and IMU

If you look closely you won't be able to find these parts or notice them. So where are they you ask? Well their specially built to fit within the housings around the motors. So while others have the boards with all the connectors out in the open, the X3 hides everything within the housing. Just another touch to show that the X3 is dedicated to form and function, not just the latter.

3 Flight Modes

The X3 offers 3 different flight modes that can be accessed. Heading Follow Mode- The camera pitch and roll angles remain constant, while heading follow the nose position. Pitch can be controlled by transmitter/radio Heading and Pitch Follow Mode- Camera roll angle remains constant. Heading follows the nose position and pitch follows the elevation of the aircraft Heading Lock Mode- Heading, pitch and roll are all locked to point at one position. Heading and pitch can be controller by transmitter/radio.

Fully User Upgradeable

The firmware on the unit is upgradeable via included cable and dongle. All future firmware updates will be available on our website and will be free of charge.

  The following items are included in the delivery:

  • 1 x X3 Mini Gimbal (Pro)
  • 1 x Operating instructions

Product Code:

  • 10010RC
  • High precision 3-axis gimbal stabilization
  • Live video transmission
  • Light weight
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 Black/ Silver.
  • Plug and play with no setup needed
  • Direct mount to the RC EYE NovaX 350 Plus
  • Compatible with a wide range of drones
  • Fully encased framing for a uniquely clean design
  • 3 mounting options: vertical, inverted, forward facing
  • 3 flight modes: Heading Follow Mode, Heading and Pitch Follow Mode, Heading Lock Mode
X3 Mini Gimbal (Pro)
Heading angle -120° to +135°
Heading following rate 3°/sec to 75°/sec
Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy 0.1 - 0.5
Operating voltage 7 - 17 V/DC
Pitch angle -90° to + 45°
Pitch following rate 2°/sec to 25°/sec
Roll angle -45° to +45°
Stabilization 3-axis: pitch, roll, yaw
Static attitude tracking accuracy 0.01 - 0.05
Video Frequency Specifications
Channel frequency CH1: 5.73 GHz, CH2: 5.75 GHz, CH3: 5.77 GHz, CH4: 5.79 GHz, CH5: 5.81 GHz, CH6: 5.83 GHz, CH7: 5.85 GHz, CH8: 5.87 GHz
Number of RF channels 8
Range 300m
Camera compatibility
Camera model GoPro HERO4 Black / Silver, GoPro HERO3+, GoPro HERO3, Yi Camera (Xiaomi), cameras of similar size
Physical Specifications
Weight 227 g (without camera)

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writes: 29.01.2017
this gimbal works great and the 5.8 down link is a great resource for flying and getting a great shot with your camera.