RC EYE One (Mode 2)

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RC EYE One (Mode 2)

RC EYE One - Never before has RC flying been so much fun! Simply unpack and fly, turn your living room or office into a flying field like the outdoors where you can master your skills.
Package Weight: 0.55 kg

Never before has RC flying been so much fun! The buzzing RC EYE One is something for everyone, with or without past flying experience, it’s easily and safely maneuverable. The self-stabilizing, robust 4-rotor frame and a smart flight control system make it all possible – almost indestructible! Simply unpack and fly, turn your living room or office into a flying field like the outdoors where you can master your skills.

Light Weight and Ready-to-Fly Mini Copter

RC EYE One weighs less than 100 grams and it reacts sensitively to wind or draughts. The RC EYE One is tiny, very strong and durable. It is powered with a LiPo battery (7.4 V 350 mAh) and can be simply charged by using the charger provided. The copter is ready-to-fly straight out of the box and comes fully built with no assembly required. 

Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Flight Experience

The flight model can be operated both in inner rooms and outdoor. Simple-to-use control allows you to fly at a more leisurely pace if desired.

3 Flight Modes – From Beginner to Expert

The model is designed for beginners as well as experienced model helicopter pilots. There are 3 different flight modes (Beginner, Sports and Expert) and could be equally fun for beginners as well as experts. The remote control transmitter can be programmed to five different transmitter channels so that five pilots can fly five different RC EYE Ones together.

Self-Stabilizing Fight Characteristics

It reacts sensitively to wind or draughts. The in-built electronic controls can balance out small undesired changes to the flight altitude.

Operating Elements of the Transmitter (Mode 2)


  • 1. Button on/off
  • 2. Button for channel selection
  • 3. Control stick left (throttle and rudder)
  • 4. Rudder trimming
  • 5. Control stick right (aileron and elevator)
  • 6. Elevator trimming
  • 7. Aileron trimming

The following items are included in the delivery:

  • RC EYE One
  • 7.4 V 350 mAh LiPo Battery
  • USB LiPo Charger
  • 4x Replacement Rotor (2 x black, 2 x red)
  • 2x Replacement Landing Skid
  • 1x Remote Control (Mode 2)
  • 2x AAA Battery
  • Operating Instructions

Product code:

  • 88003RC

General Features:

  • Powerful DC-Motors ensuring durability and long lifetime   
  • Robust frame construction   
  • Safety power off function during DC-Motor jam
  • Replaceable DC-Motors
  • Integrated Status-LED indicating Transmitter Status, Flight Mode, Low Battery
  • One touch flight mode selector
Admissible flight operation Inner and outer area
Admissible humidity max. 75% rel. humidity, non-condensing
Admissible temperature range 0 to +40 Celsius
Diameter without rotors 120 mm
Operating conditions No to light wind
Rechargeable battery 7.4 V LiPo
Rotor diameter 64 mm
Take-off weight approx. 80 g
Total height 47 mm
Remote Control (for RC EYE One)
Dimension (W x H x D) 150 x 100 x 70 mm
Number of transmitter channels 5
Supply voltage 3 V/DC (2 x AAA batteries)
Transmission frequency 915 MHz
Transmitter range max. 40 m (free field)
Weight 130 g
Charger (for RC EYE One)
Charging current 500 mA per charging channel
Required input current min 1.5 A
Supply voltage 5 V/DC

The following accessories are currently available:

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writes: 01.07.2014
I normally do not give any product a 5 star review. However, it isn't just the product but the company that stands by the product that really pushed this little quad over the top for me. The RC Eye One is a robust powerhouse that effortlessly lifts into the air. Very little trim is needed to come to a perfect hover. The different flight modes ensures that beginners and experts alike will enjoy flying around inside or outside with the Eye One. This is the quad that I learned how to fly with and I can see this little quad going with me whenever I go on a trip. The Eye One is fairly easy to service as well as the motors, landing gear, props, battery tray, battery, and canopy can easily be replaced by removing on a few screws. If the frame breaks, you will need some soldering skills to remove the leads for the motor wires. With a little patience, it is easy to swap over to a new frame. This little heli is getting long in the tooth and has already seen an updated version, a big brother (eye xtreme), and we a looking down the pike at another couple quads coming out this year from RC Logger. I would like to express my gratitude to RC Logger for making such great products, for continuing to innovate, and for listening to their community! Cheers
writes: 07.11.2013
Unfortunately mine never worked. And I could not get the distributer to refund money. I also posted the problems on this site's forums but I did not get any satisfaction. I'm sure that my experience is probably an anomaly since many have had good experiences. Anyway, I have lots of extras, including batteries, solar charger, crash kit, propeller set and LIPO battery and charger set. I'm putting it on ebay later tonight if anyone wants to bid. The FC never allowed me to fly it. It just flipped over from the moment I charged it and first used it inside a large gym. :-(
writes: 22.03.2013
Just got my EYE ONE! Love every moment learning how to fly and navigating this mini Drone!
writes: 13.02.2013
This is a very solidly built quad, and flies beautifully. Hovering and landing are easy, even in a confined space, The transmitter is a nice familiar shape, with smooth, responsive controls, much better than the massive lumps of plastic you normally get with micro quads and helis. It is easily capable of carrying a 20 gram camera, and i see that RCLogger are releasing a custom FPV canopy for the Eye One as well (this sounds like it ill be an excellent upgrade).

The box it arrived in is small, and pretty much indestructible, unlike the massive flimsy packaging you normally get. The only real problem is the need for a beefy USB adapter to charge it (it needs 1400mA) - i found that my Nexus 7 charger can handle it, but another charging option would be better. Also, the instruction manual has some errors, but its simple enough to understand.

All round, the Eye One is an excellent product, well recommended, and much better than other quads of similar size (i have a "Hubsan X4" and a "UdiRC U816 UFO", and the Eye One is by far the best of the 3)
writes: 31.01.2013
PS: I have to add to my review, the Sport setting is incredible! VERY responsive, and you can "feel" the gyros keeping things stable. Expert is just insane, and it will take me a while to master that one (maybe outside when the weather improves), but I am having a riot with the Sport setting! Haven't hit anything yet!
writes: 31.01.2013
Oh I love this little buzzer! I ordered from rc-drones.com, paid $69 and $5 & change for USPS Priority shipping and it was here in three days! Definitely the best deal on the Eye One anywhere! Just as the other reviews; very high end packaging! I also agree with most reviews that say the battery takes forever to charge and gives you maybe six minutes of flight time. Get extras. The "game console" transmitter takes some getting used to (would have loved to use my DX8 but got tired of waiting for the promised anylink-type radio add-on...). After two flights I pulled up RC-Drones & ordered a couple of extra batteries! I haven't taken it off of beginner mode yet, but with my couple flights I can already say this little gem is WAY more fun to fly than my Blade mQX ever was! Much more stable, much easier to fly in my living room, and much more value for the dollar spent. Since the snow is still flying outside, I will be taking it with me for my usual winter gym flying session this weekend. Should make the guys that bought the Heli-Max 1SQ and keep bouncing them off the floor and walls jealous! I've tried or owned all the little quads, and I am very pleased that I held out for the Eye One!
writes: 18.01.2013
I've been buying and trying to fly cheap helis for about 8 years now, with little success. (many unflyable, lots of crashes, low survivability). Obviously I'm not in the same skills league as most "successful" hobbyists, but perhaps I'm like many who try and give up. This little critter is incredible. It's the cheapest that I have ever bought... but the best. The three different modes (still beginner for me) obviously gives value to differently skilled flyers, including me. I fly it indoors in confined space, and outdoors. It's pretty easy and stable, but I still have brain fades and have crashed it..... but the little critter keeps going. Apart from making sure the props still spin freely (haven't jammed on too hard) it just keeps going. The battery setup (peculiar size/ fiddly connector/ USB charger) is a bit of an irritation, but it's still a magnificent package. The company's positive interactions in forums (RC Groups) is terrific. I'm looking forward to my skills development (Tx fingers and thumbs acting without thinking), and also pending RC Logger mini products.
Keep up the good work! Koj
writes: 04.01.2013
Eye one is built solidly and flies great outside in strong windy conditions! Having lots of fun with it. Charged the battery on the supplied charger using my ipad adapter and was able to fly it around my living room soon after. It sounds like a swarm of angry bees.
writes: 21.12.2012
Mr DHL just brought me mine.

Lipos are charging (I also purchased spares) and I just want to congratulate RC Logger for this wooooow factor I had when opening the box.

1) the box is strong, small, compact, kind of iPhone style.
2) the inside wrapping is excellent, I've never seen that for any other affordable RC micro quads.
3) the Tx seems too small but actually fits very well and the materials are nice and handy.
4) the Eye One is a pure jewel of technology, very well manufactured and well designed.
5) every small detail (charger, lipo, devices...) smells professionalism.

I have to add a very warm thanks to Chris and his staff for an excellent, friendly and top notch customer service.
writes: 13.12.2012
4pm today my logger came, 4:30 pm i flew around the house, battery is charging the 3rd time, its a great product excellent price/quality! Super service! Thanks RC LOGGER!
writes: 06.12.2012
Just got my Eye One in the mail. I had it out of the box and flying in 5 minutes. I was really surprised how good this little quad flies. This is very stable. Looks like I'll get many hours of enjoyment out of this.
writes: 19.11.2012
Well, I can't say much about any other Quad, But I can say that every other company seriously needs to look at the RC Logger customer service. They are second to none.
writes: 19.11.2012
I fly RC pylon planes (between 120-180 mph), 3D planes, 3D helis (both FBL Trex's), and one MCPX. Quite truthfully this thing is more fun than an MCPX! It flies like a mini pylon plane/helicopter! Totally awesome.
writes: 16.11.2012
Nice and agile on expert mode and some power too.
Also range is excellent and nice and stable.
I was flying pretty high and not a single glitch.
writes: 08.11.2012
Extremely quick response from this little mean device!
writes: 08.11.2012
The quality of the quad is outstanding and seems very much hobby grade verses the toy grade feel of so many of the other mini quads.
It was talk of the show by everyone that saw it flying.
By the way I have no affiliation with RCLogger, just a happy customer.
writes: 08.11.2012
All I can say is wow!
This quad flies like it's on rails. It is very responsive. In the beginner mode it is easy to fly even for the novice. In the intermediate and advanced mode it is fast and very agile.