Xtreme Battery Pack (1150mAh)

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Xtreme Battery Pack (1150mAh)

High performance battery pack for RC EYE One Xtreme (all versions).

CUSTOMER PLEASE NOTE: As a mandatory compliance with the changes to the provisions on the air transport of lithium/li-metal batteries made by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) effective April 1, 2016, please be guided accordingly of the restrictions for adherence HERE

High performance battery pack for RC EYE One Xtreme (all versions).

The 2x 3.7 V, 1150 mAh LiPo battery has a high and constant discharge current of 20 C and burst rate of 35 C, allowing sudden current discharge during acrobatic flight maneuvers. Its increased capacity, while maintaining light weight and small form factor, provides longer flight times for aerial work.

The battery is just slightly warm even after long or aggressive flying due to its 20 C constant discharge current. Total combined output voltage is 7.4 V. Both cells are not connected with each other and therefore do not require a balancing plug. The battery has been designed to fit well into the Xtreme’s battery compartment while providing sufficient space to install the optional aerial kit camera tray. To best charge the high performance battery pack use the optional available OneStation charger.

The following items are included in the delivery:

  • 1 x LiPo Battery (1150 mAh)

Product Code:

  • 89067RC
Battery Specifications
Capacity 1150 mAh, combined
Charge current 1 C
Combined Voltage 7.4 V
Discharge current 20 C, constant, 35 C burst
Form factor 2 x single cells, 3.7 V packed into one battery pack
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1.6 x 2.2 x 0.5 inch (40 x 55 x 12 mm)
Weight 1.95 oz (55.3 g)

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