RC Logger R8 Radio System - Upgrade Pack

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RC Logger R8 Radio System - Upgrade Pack 1.2 0.39MB 20 Dec 2016 English

R8 Radio Transmitter Low Battery Warning Notification.

With the updates in place your R8 radio will now give an audible tone notifying you when the voltage on your lipo is low.

Do not use this firmware with any other hardware as it may render your product unusable. Do not interrupt the update process since this may render the R8 Radio system unusable.

[Firmware Update Procedure]

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Go to firmware upgrade page in LCD manual of R8 remote. Hold "OK" to confirm.
  3. Connect R8 remote trainer port to PC via upgrade cable in the delivery package.
  4. Run the upgrade pack on PC, select a correct COM port.
  5. Click "Start Upgrade" and wait for the upgrade complete.
  6. Rebinding the transmitter and the receiver is required.
[Version 1.2 Changes] 2016/12/20
- Low battery warning notification from R8 Radio

 *NovaX firmware version v3.0 or above is required*