The EyeControl App can be connected to the RC EYE NovaX 350 and supports Software Managed Auto Return Technology (S.M.A.R.T.), Return to Home (R.T.H.) and Intelligent Relative Positioning Control (I.R.P.C.) via GPS and Compass embedded microchip technology. It also allows altitude height-hold control while travelling on a pre-defined flight path.



    • Connect to your NovaX
    • Calibrate its Gyro sensor
    • Calibrate its Compass sensor
    • Calibrate its Remote Control
    • Upload your own Flight Bank settings


    EYEControl App runs on  iOS 7.0+ or Android 4.3+ devices with Bluetooth version 4.0+BLE. Note that for iPhone users, it is compatible with  iPhone 4S or later models only.