Change Log

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.4] 2012/09/27

- Added: NTSC/PAL setting.

- Added: Support OSD data file.

- Added: New field support.

- Updated: Sensor Min/Max Range.

- Updated: Setting files format.

- Updated: User interface in OSD setting page.

- Updated: Fields handling in ENV/GPS sensor.

- Updated: User manual.

- Updated: GUI layout is re-arranged.

- Updated: Removed black border of button "Save Settings" when OSD Module Settings Window is opened.

- Updated: OSD Module Settings Windows supports Windows maximum and resize.

- Added: OSD feature.

- Added: OSD Module Settings Window.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.3] 2012/02/21

- Fixed: Video black screen on importing video data, due to no audio devices (e.g. speaker, headphone) connection.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.3] 2012/02/03

- Added: Orientation & G-Force Module (IMU) feature.

- Added: Orientation & G-Force Module data in Module Graph View.

- Added: 3D model heading offset feature in Orientation & G-Force Module view.

- Added: five 3D model (with texture) supported in Orientation & G-Force Module view.

- Added: 3D model can be selected under Project Settings > Display > Orientation & G-Force Module View > Model.

- Added: Orientation & G-Force Module data lag time. It can be set under Project Settings > Lag Time > Orientation & G-Force Module Data.

- Added: Orientation & G-Force Module orientation update feature in RC Logger LC, PRO, HD2 settings dialog.

- Fixed: the timing problem of RC Logger PRO data.

- Fixed: Module Graph View infinite zoom bug.

- Fixed: Module Graph View invalid display.

- Fixed: Module Graph View shows different height when project system is updated.

- Fixed: Module Graph View "Batt" invalid display.

- Fixed: Module Graph View "Pressure" invalid display.

- Fixed: Environmental Module View data unit does not update when unit system is updated.

- Fixed: field "Ex. Temp. 3" is not translated in Simplified Chinese Language.

- Updated: "User-Agent" under HTTP header used in "Check for update" feature.

- Updated: the "Display" tab under Project Settings > Display is regrouped with category.

- Updated: 3D Map View to support Orientation & G-Force Module data.

- Updated: related features (trim video, rotate video, save/load project, etc) supports Orientation & G-Force Module data.

- Updated: better performance (viewer) during playing video/photo.

- Updated: better performance (3D Map View) when using 1st Person under Map Camera.

- Updated: user manual some screenshots.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.2] 2011/12/05

- Fixed: poor HD2/PRO photo display.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.1] 2011/11/21

- Added: message box to show the library will be installed.

- Updated: replace the video codec Xvid with ffdshow(rev3978 20110825 clsid).

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.1] 2011/10/11

- Fixed: GPS notification in the legend in module graph.

- Fixed: viewer hang because of chaning height source.

- Updated: show drive name (volume name) in RC Logger LC, HD2 and PRO setting dialog.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.1] 2011/10/04

- Fixed: no data line in module graph when only GPS data is imported.

- Fixed: project settings for new data line.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.1] 2011/09/08

- Fixed: module graph do not update after set ground level with using GPS as height source.

- Fixed: slow speed of trimming PRO video.

- Updated: improve video trimming progress dialog smoothness.

- Updated: improve video rotation progress dialog smoothness.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.7.0] 2011/08/18

- Added: HD2 settings.

- Updated: H.264 codec.

- Updated: Japanese help file.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.7] 2011/08/13

- Fixed: video/photo sampling interval wrong input checking under PRO settings.

- Fixed: wrong y-axis scale shown in Module Graph View with only one data.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.7] 2011/08/11

- Added: new field: Date/time stamp config.

- Updated: PRO settings dialog synchronized with AV output.

- Updated: support video/photo sampling interval from 1 seconds to 3600 seconds under PRO settings.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.7] 2011/07/06

- Added: export GPS data to KML file.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.7] 2011/06/29

- Fixed: loading PRO video project file has empty data.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.7] 2011/06/15

- Added: full configuration in "RC Logger PRO Settings".

- Added: handling of data format PRO new line character missing in header.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.7] 2011/05/26

- Added: new menu item "RC Logger PRO Settings...".

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.7] 2011/04/19

- Added: support import file format - RC Logger PRO (photo + video)

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.6] 2011/04/13

- Updated: disable GPS modular lag time.

- Updated: GPS modular lag time default equals to zero.

- Fixed: cell count is not restored in load project.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.6] 2011/04/06

- Fixed: time label does not update in playing video with only GPS data.

- Fixed: photo is always the first one with only GPS data.

- Fixed: the application crashes if only photos are imported.

- Fixed: overall voltage progress bar always show 100% value when zero number of cell data is imported.

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.5] 2011/03/05

- Fixed: wrong ground level set at invalid GPS data,

- Fixed: crash when loading multiple LC with 5Hz data,

- Updated: improve video time to data alignment using timeline slider

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.5] 2011/03/04

- Fixed: update window prompt twice,

- Fixed: incorrect data mapping for multiple LC files with invalid GPS data,

- Updated: load FW=2 5Hz GPS data,

- Updated: handling of loading different module combinations

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.5] 2011/03/02

- Added: FW V0.2 of 5Hz GPS data,

- Fixed: software crash when setting ground level with GPS module only,

- Fixed: voltage range options not disabled when no Pow module,

- Fixed: camera checkbox not properly set when loading project,

- Updated: tab orders in dialogs,

- Updated: dialog words,

- Updated: detect cell count 6-12

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.4] 2011/02/17

- Fixed: cell count not properly calculated for RC Logger video data

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.4] 2011/02/14

- Added: support 5Hz GPS module data,

- Added: import multiple RC Logger LC data files,

- Added: import multiple folders of RC Logger LC data files,

- Added: active/full range voltage bar display,

- Fixed: USB devices not properly closed before application exit,

- Fixed: rotated video may not play properly on some computers,

- Fixed: overall voltage bar may not clear properly,

- Fixed: system unit may not set properly in software settings,

- Fixed: cell count not properly calculated for RC Logger LC data,

- Updated: using ms instead of s to represent data,

- Updated: hide pressure graph on default,

- Updated: new voltage bar style,

- Updated: un-hide RC Logger LC settings files,

- Updated: 2 decimal point for ENV module export,

- Updated: default LC trigger value 1600us,

- Updated: module names,

- Updated: export data file names

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.3] 2011/01/20

- Fixed: script error when Google Earth plugin not installed,

- Fixed: version checking not using proxy,

- Updated: RC Logger logos,

- Updated: latest translations,

- Updated: latest user manual

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.2] 2011/01/13

- Added: new button for saving RC Logger LC time settings,

- Added: show partial path of current photo in photo view,

- Fixed: min value of y-axis could not display all data for negative min value,

- Fixed: use pole count for RPM calculation instead of pole pair,

- Updated: clear dialog parameters when opening RC Logger LC settings

[RC Logger Viewer V1.6.2] 2011/01/10

- Added: detect and discard corrupted RC Logger LC data,

- Added: "Rotate Video" dialog supported by ffmpeg,

- Added: "Cell Count" in project settings,

- Added: "RC Logger LC Settings" dialog,

- Added: playback speed control for RC Logger LC,

- Added: prompt window to view user manual in installed language or download software,

- Added: import multiple folders of photo,

- Fixed: software hangs when loading a project with only BATT graph visible,

- Removed: help button in dialog title bar,

- Updated: new RC Logger LC data file format,

- Updated: system sensor data format (firmware V0.4),

- Updated: progress dialog in interval of 10%,

- Updated: show internal temperature of environmental sensor in 2 decimal places

[RC Logger Viewer V1.5.3] 2010/11/30

- Added: current frame display in "Path Control",

- Added: playback speed control in "Path Control",

- Added: load data from RC Logger LC,

- Added: top camera view,

- Fixed: project does not save "set ground level",

- Fixed: software crash when pressing CTRL+F* buttons with not all sensor data existing,

- Updated: not show invalid GPS points in playback timeline (Garmin GPS and RC Logger LC),

- Updated: new version checking mechanism,

- Updated: not zoom in when starting project with no valid points

[RC Logger Viewer V1.5.2] 2010/11/24

- Added: load project video in the same directory for path begins with "./" in project file (*.xml),

- Added: use software path as default open/save project path,

- Fixed: wrong checked state of Control Panel and Sensor Graph View,

- Fixed: software crash be pressing CTRL+F* buttons without project,

- Fixed: latest path does not hide when loading project with 1st person camera,

- Updated: more checking on ready state of Google Earth plugin,

- Updated: user manual translations,

- Updated: minor performance improvement

[RC Logger Viewer V1.5] 2010/11/16

- Added: Italian language,

- Added: "Sensor Graph View", "Env Sensor View" and "System Sensor View",

- Added: support loading of Garmin GPS file (*.gpx),

- Added: third-person camera,

- Added: use either GPS/ENV sensor as height source,

- Added: project properties,

- Added: map modes "Checkpoint", "Region" and "Distance",

- Added: option to check software update on startup,

- Added: recent projects list,

- Added: show current and total video time,

- Added: capture video frame,

- Added: show/hide data table column from menu bar,

- Added: "Set Ground Level" button,

- Added: warning if trying to start project before map view finishes loading,

- Added: remember last path of import/open/trim/layout,

- Fixed: export negative values of "W" longitude and "S" latitude,

- Fixed: map view may not zoom to path upon import,

- Updated: map view control moves to new "Control Panel",

- Updated: disallow save trimmed video as original video file,

[RC Logger Viewer V1.4e] 2010/10/25

- Updated: show warning when entering invalid value in RC Logger Settings dialog,

- Updated: backward compatibility of RC Logger Map Server starting v1.4e

[RC Logger Viewer V1.4d] 2010/09/04

- Fixed: software may crash when starting project before map completes loading,

- Fixed: photo not initially displayed when starting project without GPS data

[RC Logger Viewer V1.4c] 2010/08/28

- Fixed: video trimming could not recognize end point correctly

[RC Logger Viewer V1.4b] 2010/08/27

- Fixed: script error when GPS data with the same GPS module time exist

[RC Logger Viewer V1.4a] 2010/08/27

- Added: synchronize computer clock with RC Logger,

- Added: reset default RC Logger triggering parameters value,

- Fixed: not show error when checking for update without internet connection,

- Updated: use feet instead of yard for imperial unit system,

- Updated: not show invalid data (points) on map view,

- Updated: not count invalid data for statistics,

- Updated: take data lag time into account for video trimming end point

[RC Logger Viewer V1.4] 2010/08/24

- Added: toggle of metric/imperial unit system in software settings,

- Fixed: speed in knot/h instead of km/h,

- Fixed: E/W Fix not shown in GPS Data Table,

- Removed: conf file storing map URL,

- Updated: use 2000ms as default data lag time instead of 3000ms,

- Updated: add all supported resolution layouts,

- Updated: software translations of all three languages,

- Updated: user manuals in all three languages with latest screenshots,

- Updated: use fixed map URL """",

- Updated: use fixed software download link """"

[RC Logger Viewer V1.3] 2010/08/19

- Added: software version update check,

- Added: disable latest path options in first-person camera,

- Fixed: show URL error when trying to download Google Earth plugin in 3D Map View

[RC Logger Viewer V1.2] 2010/08/17

- Added: option of extruding full path and latest path,

- Added: first-person camera following data playback,

- Added: show/hide map control and map layers,

- Added: put the full path onto terrain (adjust altitude) upon loading,

- Added: prompt user for confirmation to close project before reloading map,

- Fixed: flycam triggering settings multiplied by 100 after getting from flycam,

- Fixed: show URL error for wrong network settings,

- Updated: replace QtWebKit by Google Earth to display map,

- Updated: use 2000ms as default data lag time,

- Updated: use system proxy settings instead of application-specific settings

[FlyCam Viewer V1.0 rc4] 2010/07/20

- Added: proxy server software settings,

- Added: checking on map view loading and proper map page,

- Added: pop-up window after save/save as/load/export,

- Fixed: translate words with %1,

- Fixed: failed to show path when coordinate begins with 0,

- Fixed: dialog buttons not following selected language,

- Updated: using zoom level 1 instead of 0 on startup,

- Updated: flycam triggering settings divided by 100 before sending to flycam

- Updated: unlock zoom level for hybrid map as google maps has updated

[FlyCam Viewer V1.0 rc3] 2010/07/15

- Added: localized user manual for French and German,

- Added: localized GUI for French and German,

- Added: prompt for language selection on first startup,

- Added: trim video button in video view,

- Added: average height (offset applied) on altitude bar,

- Added: show/hide columns in GPS data table

[FlyCam Viewer V1.0 rc2] 2010/06/03

- Added: set and restore map home position,

- Added: user manual,

- Fixed: apply software settings always show full path and latest path,

- Updated: not show FlyCam Settings dialog when FlyCam is not connected,

- Updated: prompt user to retry when failed to connect to FlyCam,

- Updated: scroll to current raw GPS data even if playback/slideshow is stopped,

- Updated: show video/photos filename in window title,

- Updated: import can complete without data file(s),

- Updated: minimize size of 100x100 for map view,

- Updated: remember last imported path,

- Updated: instant data update while dragging video time

[FlyCam Viewer V1.0 rc1] 2010/06/01

- Added: date and numbers displayed according to system locale,

- Added: export CSV/txt data according to system locale, with double-quotes,

- Added: progress dialog with abort button during video trimming,

- Added: progress display of loading Google Maps during initialization,

- Updated: more keyboard shortcuts for menu items,

- Updated: layouts for common resolutions with auto-select on first start,

- Updated: four colors for map paths,

[FlyCam Viewer V0.2a] 2010/05/28

- Fixed: Modelcraft icon not showing in EXE,

- Updated: render first frame of video after loading,

- Updated: allow video trimming while stopped,

- Updated: prompt for import after saved trimmed video

[FlyCam Viewer V0.2] 2010/05/28

- Added: Modelcraft logo,

- Added: FlyCam settings dialog,

- Added: video trimming (with GPS data) by setting start time and end time,

- Added: click on video start/end time to jump to frame,

- Added: import photos from files or folder,

- Added: switch photos by slider, + and - buttons,

- Added: slideshow playback of photos, with GPS data display,

- Added: software (global) settings dialog for path color and width,

- Added: export GPS data to CSV file,

- Added: "Move Map to Path" in "View" menu,

- Added: double-click on GPS data table to jump to frame,

- Added: calculation of avg/min/max speed and total distance travelled,

- Added: auto-set altitude offset upon import,

- Updated: use slider instead of progress bar for altitude,

- Updated: compass moving according to GPS data instead of North side,

- Updated: auto-select current GPS data only when video is playing,

- Updated: reorganized Current Data View with avg, min, max speed and total distance,

- Updated: always use 1024x768 layout on default,

- Removed: GPS data table toggle button