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The RC Logger Viewer is a desktop application running on Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows 7. It has an all-in-one graphical user interface with four main views showing various data depending on which Add-On modules are connected to the main unit while logging data. The software allows you to view the recorded video material as well as the synchronized data collected from the add-on attached modules. The software allows you to analyse the data recorded, export data, trim your video and save your data into project files. The software also controls your RC Logger hardware settings. The software is provided together with the main unit and includes an automatic update announcement. MAC users listen up, a MAC version is currently under development and the first MAC version will be released in Q2/2012.

RC Logger ViewerRC Logger ViewerRC Logger ViewerRC Logger Viewer

The RC Logger Viewer PC Software allows to display all add-on module data within dedicated view areas. Users can choose to display or hide views as they prefer. Data within the views are synchronized with the image data.

The GPS Module View displays a range of GPS data collected during recording, such as speed, course, altitude, the time and date as well as position data and total distance recorded.

The Power&RPM Module View collects data such as individual LiPo cell voltage, total current drawn, total voltage as well as motor rpm. The individual cells and overall voltage are highlighted in three different colors, green as "good", yellow as "near capacity" and red as "critical".

The Environmental Module View collects data from the attached Environmental add-on module and it includes 3 external temperature sensor probes as well as an internal temperature sensor, humidity sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor.

The Orientation & G-Force Module View collects data from the attached Orientation & G-Force add-on module. It includes a gyro, a compass, accelerometer and magnetometer. These data indicate the position and orientation, including acceleration, of the RC model.

Views may be re-arranged as per your personal preference. You may also move "views" onto your 2nd monitor, enlarge or reduce view window size as needed. In order to have the required data recorded you will need to have the associated add-on modules attached to your RC Logger HD, RC Logger HD2 or RC Logger LC main unit. The systems allows to have any three add-on modules attached at the same time. The all new RC Logger PRO and RC Logger LC support eight add-on modules connected concurrently.

- GPS Module
- System Module (Power & RPM)
- Environmental Module
- Orientation Module / G-Force (IMU)
- Servo Monitor Module (in development)
- Airspeed Module (in development)
- OSD Module
- 5.8 GHz Video TX/RX Module

Video editing included. Not only can you cut and trim your source video files but version 1.6.6 also allows you to flip and rotate your recorded HD videos files. The RC Logger Viewer is not only a powerful tool to analyse your telemetry data and to view synchronized data. It also offers powerful video editing features which are easy and fast to use.

The RC Logger Viewer PC software supports the RC Logger HD,  RC Logger HD2, RC Logger PRO as well as the RC Logger LC. You can compare our products using the comparison chart.

Analyse your raw data even further. With release of version 1.6.6 you may now export all raw module data as individual .csv files and analyse your performance even further using software tools like Microsoft Excel or others. If you just need a quick look at your data simply adjust the "Sensor Graph View" and send the view directly to your printer. The RC Logger Viewer is an extremely flexible and powerful software which  makes it easy understanding and comparing your recorded data. Most importantly it is free! View the latest release update announcements on our vimeo channel.

RC Logger Viewer 

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