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  • What methods of payment are available?
  • Shipping cost.
  • What happens if the item I receive is defective?
  • Are your products safe?
  • Is there any product liability?
  • Is it possible to pick up the items locally?
  • Can I register to help with product testing?
  • What is next on your R&D roadmap?
  • When is the RC Logger and GPS Module ready for shipment?
  • Why does the RC Logger Viewer require an Internet connection?
  • I can hear sound but the video window remains black. Why?
  • Does the GPS module work if mounted inside a heli-body or inside a canopy?
  • Will there be a version available without housing?
  • Why is there only one add-on sensor?

Hardware Troubleshooting

  • RC Logger: Why does the recorded video have a "wave like" effect?
  • RC Logger: The status LED on the RC Logger does not turn on.
  • RC Logger: The device not working after unplugging it from the PC.
  • RC Logger: Which receiver channel should be used for triggering?
  • RC Logger: Where should the device be mounted?
  • RC Logger: Why is my SD card empty after recording?
  • RC Logger: What is the best way to view the files on the SD card?
  • GPS Module: The green status LED on the GPS module is always green.
  • GPS Module: There is no valid GPS data recorded on the SD card.
  • GPS Module: Where should the module be mounted?

Software Troubleshooting (RC Logger Viewer)

  • While accessing the RC Logger hardware setup, a pop-up will appear!
  • No maps are loaded into the 3D map view! What is wrong?
  • RC Logger Viewer cannot detect the RC Logger during hardware setup!