RC Logger PRO Camera

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RC Logger PRO Camera

Synchronized flight data and imaging capturing device "RC Logger PRO" including trigger, microUSB cable, 4 GB SDHC card and lens ring. Mounting material included. Lens not included.
Package Weight: 1.5 kg

Image- / Video- recording the way you never experienced before!

The RC Logger PRO can be triggered manually or automatically, in both recording modes (video & still image). It also allows you to assign a free RX channel to connect to the RC Logger PRO directly. The trigger cable (included) could be used to connect the RC Logger PRO with your R/C Model and to draw power from your R/C's on-board power system.

All new FPV support!

The RC Logger PRO offers full FPV support and provides video and audio signal output for 5.8 GHz high resolution video transmission. The RC Logger PRO provides auto mode for beginners and also allows various manual camera and image quality settings allowing you to set exposure and white balance. The user is able to select from different resolution and quality modes to optimize the video-/photo recording based on the specific needs and environmental conditions.

All new recording without limits!

Supports up to 32 GB fast SD/SDHC cards for around the clock recording. Also, single video files now support 4 GB file size. If video is recorded beyond 4 GB video files will be split in multiple files automatically.

Get a wider view of your life!

RC Logger PRO features a lens mounting ring that allows you to attach RC Logger's smart lens system, which includes a fish eye-, telephoto conversion- and wide angle lens for stunning video- and photo-recordings.

The following items are included in the delivery:

  • RC Logger PRO
  • 4 GB SDHC card
  • ABS mounting bracket
  • Metal servo connection horn
  • 2x hook & loop fastener tape
  • Lens mounting ring for optional lens (pre-installed)
  • Receiver Trigger Cable (for power and/or triggering from RX)
  • microUSB cable (to connect the RC Logger PRO to the PC)
  • PC software CD (RC Logger Viewer)
  • Security strap
  • Operating instructions

Product code:

  • 10002RC

General Features:

  • Robust ABS housing
  • Status, power and recording LED indicator
  • Futaba type trigger and power socket
    - Power the device through RX
    - Trigger the device through RX
  • MicroUSB 2.0 charging and mass storage socket
  • SDHC card slot supporting 32 GB
  • IR remote control interface (requires A/V Kit)
  • Upgradeable firmware via SD card
  • Device driver for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

HD Camera:

  •     HD video quality (1280 x 720 pixel)
  •     5 Mega pixel photo (2592 x 1944 pixel)
  •     Video- and photo- rotation (0 to 180 degree)
  •     Serial photo time-lapse mode (1 second to 3600 seconds in 1 second interval)
  •     Move-able camera head with lens fixing screw and metal horn to control head by servo
  •     Support for additional lenses (optional available lenses)
  •     A/V Out signal for FPV support
  •     White balance support for eight modes (day, night, indoor, outdoor, auto, etc.)
  •     Exposure setting options from -2 to +2
  •     Enable, disable or bypass audio recording
  •     Enable, disable date/time stamp
  •     Direct video-/photo- playback via A/V out (requires A/V Kit)
  •     Configuration option
Output (Camera)
Storage SD / SDHC (max. 32 GB)
General Specifications
Control options Buttons, IR remote control, PWM pin from receiver
External ports I2C, Power & Trigger, A/V Out, USB
Frame rate 30 fps
Image resolution 2592 x 1955 pixel (5 mega pixel)
Picture format JPG
Rechargeable battery 950 mAh Li (replaceable, with connector)
Rotation angle 90 degrees
Storage SD / SDHC (max. 32 GB)
Video format AVI
Video resolution 1280 x 720 pixel (HD)
Viewing angle 56 degrees
Optical Specifications
Active image size 4.54 mm x 3.40 mm
Lens aperture f/3.2
Lens effective focal length 7.15 mm
Sensor format 1/3.2 inch
Sensor Specifications
Sensor resolution 5 mega pixel, 2592 x 1955 pixel
Technical Specifications
Battery duration min. 1 hour (no external sensor)
Output current to external sensor max. 600 mA (using internal battery)
Output voltage to external sensor 3.6 to 6 V/DC
RX power supply current max. 450 mA
RX power supply voltage 4.8 to 6.2 V/DC
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) 98 x 48 x 24 mm
Weight 77 g

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writes: 04.06.2015
I received my RC Logger Pro along with the GPS and Orientation modules. Initially I had to do a hard reset to get the RC Logger Viewer to recognize the camera, but that was due to my connecting it in the wrong order. Now it works without a hitch. The products are great at what they do. They are small, lightweight, and easy to connect and setup. I was flying with it in about 30min. I had to of course figure out where to mount it on my hex. My only criticism, or more of a hope for the next models, is:

1. That they up the quality to be a bit more sturdy and robust. These are a fairly lightweight plastic and seem to just be clipped together in a simple fashion. They feel a bit fragile.
2. More modules with better precision or higher data sample rate would be a bonus. The GPS modules took a few seconds to get a good lock (i.e. 5-9 sats) but then did very well. If only this could be done with a GPS logger that could be deferentially corrected afterwards using local base station data, then photogrammetrists using little drones might be all over this product.
3. Bump up the camera sensor size a few steps. It doesn't have to be huge, I've made amazing digital elevation models using GoPro. But something bigger with more that 5mp. I read about the new camera with 16mp?

That's about it. Keep up the work. These kits are a great, but can be better and hopefully you will improve on them bit by bit.

writes: 13.11.2012
RC Logger Viewer seems to be more intuitive than most video software I've used, at least for me.
writes: 13.11.2012
And +1 on the customer service.
writes: 13.11.2012
The actual website is very intuitive and user friendly. I had no problems navigating around. You guys have done a fabulous job with bringing this to the market.
writes: 13.11.2012
Nice pictures and video, thank you for providing it. For the price you can't beat that.