RC Logger X2

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RC Logger X2

The X2 is back as an All-in-One Three Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera solution packed with innovative features.
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Generation X - RC Logger X2

The combination of outstanding and uncompromised image performance along with unique control features and innovation will redefine your Aerial Photography experience. An integrated Gyro and the built-in two axis brushless motor gimbal will provide the basis for breathtaking image recording experience. Surprise your audience and yourself with added firmware enhancements including, slow motion video capturing, burst capturing mode, time-lapse image capturing or simply the ability to take still image photo shots while recording video.
Key features description

Analog plus Digital Video and Audio Outputs

The RC Logger X2 features digital video and audio output functionality via an integrated HDMI port additionally to the standard analog A/V-Out port allowing transfer of audio and video data directly to other media devices such as personal computers, wireless signal transmitters or TV monitors.

Built-in Three Axis Brushless Motor Gimbal

The X2 also features a built-in two axis brushless motor gimbal that keeps the camera right on target. Accelerate or decelerate sharply and the gimbals maintains stabilization of your camera through Manual & Remote View Angle Control. It also supports 2-3S LiPo with the recognition system similar to the X1 Micro Brushless Gimbal that adjusts parameters based in order to offer the best performance for your convenience.

Exceptional 120 frames per second and Full-HD capabilities

While the RC Logger PRO captures images at 30 frames per second, the X2 allows frame rates of up to 120 fps for slow motion play back of those amazing moments during your flight. The Camera itself supports 16 Megapixels in image quality and up to 1080p in image quality to give you the Full HD experience that you long for.

Convenience meets innovation

The X2 contains features you may only expect from professional cameras such as an integrated photo burst mode and still photo taking while video recording during flight. The X2 provides support for time-lapse recording, synchronized video and data logging capability using the add-on RC Logger Sensor Modules. It also comes with a Micro SD port that supports up to Class 10 32DB Micro SD for lightning fast transfers and storage to your computer.

Install in a ‘snap’ of a second

The X2 has a universal mount fit for our RC EYE NovaX 350 and all other 350-450 class quad copter and drones models in the market. The quick snap design allows simple installation for users and ultimately reduces set-up time and maximizes the joy of Aerial Photography.

Manual Adjust Of Vertical/Horizontal Tilt

The ability to adjust the angle of both motors via channels on your radio for that perfect shot is also built into the board. Just run the connector wire(s) to your flight controller or receiver (based on your setup) and you are ready to go.

User Upgradable

The X2 has a micro USB port for easy upgrades by the user. Also even though tuned out of the box, you can access the software to make changes to the controller to make adjustments if for some reason there’s something you’d prefer to change.

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Product code:

  • 10005RC

General Features:

  • Built-in two axis brushless motor gimbal
  • 16 Mega Pixel Razor Sharp Picture
  • 155 degree f/2.4 Wide Angle Lens
  • Up to 120 fps for slow motion and smooth video playback
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Quick Snap design for simple installation

Video and Image Features:

  • Full HD video quality (1920 x 1080 pixel)
  • 120 fps max frame rate
  • 16 Mega pixel razor sharp picture
  • MOV or MPEG4 Video Format
  • Image capture during video recording (JPG at Video resolution)
  • Image burst mode (8-10 photo burst in one second)
  • Electronics image stabilization (Compensate vibration up to 10 Hz)
  • JPG Image format
  • Serial photo time lapse mode
  • Direct video-/photo- playback via A/V out (requires A/V kit)
  • Configuration option
General Specifications
Control options Push Buttons x 3, IR remote control, PWM from Power & Trigger port
External ports I2C, Mini HDMI, Composite A/V out, microUSB, microSDHC
Rotation angle 2 axis ±45 degree with internal servo motors
Two axis motorized lens tracking Auto: controlled based on data from IMU (not included) with offset function
Technical Specifications
Battery duration Approx. 45 minutes with all sensors disabled
Output current to external sensor max. 600 mA (using internal battery)
Output voltage to external sensor 3.6 - 6 V/DC
RX power supply current To be advised
RX power supply voltage 4.8 - 6.2 V/DC
Optical Specifications
Sensitivity for low light environment 0.724 V/lux sec
Wide angle lens 140 degree diagonal
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) 4.2 x 4.1 x 3.5 inches (106 x 104 x 90 mm) [TBC]
Weight 11.5 oz (326 g) [TBC]
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