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Thread: Quad loses connection to transmitter often

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    Hi everyone, I got my One S for christmas and I'm having the exact same problem as in op's video. After the first landing the quad wouldn't respond at all. And I had no idea what the problem was. The issue doesn't occur during flight, only after landing and/or throttle at zero. Reconnecting the battery is the only way to fix this.

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    Same problem here.

    I have two of the Eye One S and only one of them has the problem.

    So I will bring it back for replace.

    Or is there an other way to fix this?

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    Hey teocoach,

    Are you saying that one of your units doesn't respond to throttle once landed and has to be power cycled (battery re-connected) to engage the motors again?

    You could try performing a transmitter reset. This could possibly fix the issue that is occurring.

    Here's a tutorial video on the process:


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    Wow, thank you so much, it seems to work.

    Very very good and fast support.

    I ordered two more Eye One S with Case an 6 more extra batteries

    Thank you.

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    Great! Glad to hear that it worked for you teocoach.

    If you ever have any other questions or run into any other problems don't hesitate to reach out to us.

    Enjoy your EYE One S army.

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    now I got 2 more new EOS , but got the same problem.

    Both of them loses connecting after landing with two transmitters also after transmitter reset.

    I tried only for a few minutes but I think the transmitter has a problem generally with more then two EOSīs?

    Do I have to use every EOS with his own transmitter? It would very nice if not.

    OK, normally I will use maximum two EOSīs to pause one for cooling the motors.

    Now I have 8 batteries to fly minimum 40 minutes and I think it is better to do like this?

    But do I something wrong?

    Thank you.

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    Hey teocoach,

    So even with performing transmitter resets your units once landed aren't taking back off?

    Each unit requires that you use a single transmitter with it. Of course you can use a different transmitter, but you must first bind that transmitter to the EYE One S. This is standard procedure for all RC products as the Transmitter and receiver have to create a specific code with one another to ensure there's not interference from other radios or rc craft.

    The video linked above shows how to bind as well.

    Are you keeping both EO's powered up at the same time and are you trying to fly them all with one transmitter (radio)? Each one will require it's own transmitter, or you'll have to bind each time to the transmitter that you want to use.

    Have you tried with only one EO's powered up at a time?

    Hopefully we can quickly resolve what is occurring, but if you truly feel there is an issue with either of the units you can open a support ticket at:


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    Quote Originally Posted by jlcamp7 View Post
    Hey teocoach,
    So even with performing transmitter resets your units once landed aren't taking back off?
    Yes, they did not.

    But i think the problem was that i didnīt fly them for real.

    It was late and i only switched on to minimum power, so they didnīt fly. Only the Propellers was spinning and that was, may be, not enough.

    Today they didnīt lost connection because after binding i flow them and it seems to be fine.

    In future i will have two transmitter with me, to be sure.

    Thank you.


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    Hey Umit,

    glad to hear it sounds like you have it figured out.

    One other thing to also keep an eye on is the batteries in your transmitters. Replacing these with fresh name brand batteries is a good idea.

    Hope you enjoy your EYE One S's and if you ever have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

    We are here to help!

    Thank you for choosing RC Logger products.



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