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Thread: [FIXED] Motor do not respond to throttle at start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eclass82 View Post
    Hi, yes its the Xtreme, I didn't use it for 2 days so I set it aside however, yesterday using the stock control, I was able to get it to "start up" but the throttle didn't responded to up or down. I had the green light on and was able to active the flash light LED's but that was all..... :/ The youtube video was able to get me back up and running. still, seems strange...
    Glad to hear a transmitter reset was able to get everything going for you again. Things like that can happen. If it does happen again please let us know.

    Glad you are back up and flying.


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    Hi I have posted this before but with no reply 😩 I am having the same issue but this has not help all motors work at start up but only the back two respond to throttle movements plz help

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    I replied to you where you asked in another thread on this forum.

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    Also replied to original posting. hope it helps.

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