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Thread: New to RC Eye One

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    New to RC Eye One

    It's literally sitting on my front porch waiting for me to get home. After some doubt on which quad to start with I settled with the EO based on reviews and forums. I also have a Spektrum dx5e coming in the mail as well. My goal with this was to use it with multiple quads instead of having multiple Tx's. Will I be able to bind this to the EO with "onelink", and will the dx5e bind to other quads (rc logger and others) with the "onelink"? Can't wait to fly! Thanks.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out to us, and welcome to the RC Logger forum.

    Regarding your question - The OneLink will bind with the RC EYE One - However unfortunately you will need a minimum 6 channel Rx to utilize it. The Onelink setup procedure actually requires 7 channels, but a work around was created for users who own 6 channel Rx.

    RC Logger multi-rotor platforms such as the EYE One / EYE One S / EYE One Xtreme will work with OneLink, however are not Bind and Fly platforms. The BNF technology is licensed be E-flite.

    In case you need further assistance please let us know.


    Go big, fly hard.

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    Thanks for your quick response Adam. Is this due to a 6ch requirement the rc eye one might have? If so, what are the 6ch's? Sorry in the advance for the elementary question.

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    Hi there, actually the EYE One requires only 4 channels to operate. At the time of creation the OneLinks sole purpose was to control the Xtreme which requires a minimum of 6 channels to function. However the decision was made to support EYE One and EYE One S (5 channels for EYE One S). But the protocol for the OneLink has to be 6 channels even though the last 2 are not enabled for the EYE One.

    Hopefully this helps clarify.


    Go big, fly hard.

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    Understood. Thanks very much.

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    Is there an easy way to plug the battery into the EO, or should I not worry about the stress put on the wires as I push the connections together? After a soft crash I was putting the throttle up and the motors kept cutting off. I pushed the cable in further and it worked again. Loss of voltage I assume, and connectivity I assume. I'm really enjoying the EO so far in beginner mode. Crashed it quite a few times, but already getting the hang of it. Keeping it over the bed for soft landings.

    Also, by recalibrating the gyro, is that the same as pushing the trim buttons 2 at a time to stabilize like the manual says?
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    Is the Turnigy 9xr a good radio to control RCL quads from the EO and up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4JacksMan View Post
    Good ?
    I'm sorry 4JacksMan but I am not 100% sure of your question. Could you give a little more description and we will be happy to try and answer. Thank you.


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