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    Question RC EYE One Xtreme FAQs

    Q: I just got my RC EYE One Xtreme, and there is no instruction manual!
    A: The instruction manual can be downloaded from:

    Q: How do I start the motors?
    A: Per process 18.5.5 of the instruction manual (please make sure you are following the procedure for the correct mode Tx) – Most common is mode 2. With the Xtreme and Tx powered on, keep the throttle at 0, and move the yaw stick to the left until the motors start. Follow the same process for shutting the motors off

    Q: I have had a crash, what should I do?
    A: Thorough inspection of the main frame, propellers, motor, and mounts is essential. If a component is broken, then discontinue flying immediately. Components must be replaced before flying can resume.

    Q: How often should I check my propellers to make sure they are tight?
    A: Propellers should be checked every flight. If a propeller is replaced make sure to re-install the rubber washer between the fastener and the top of the propeller hub

    Q: Upon starting my Xtreme only 2 motors start, what should I do?
    A: The flight controller has verified a loss of connection from a motor. One, or both motors are not connected properly, or damaged. Inspection of each motor connection at the terminal on the flight control board is a good place to start looking for loose motor wires. After verifying connections are secure, then re-attempt to initialize the motors. If the problem still continues then further inspection of the motor wires is required. Carefully remove the motor from the Xtreme, and thoroughly inspect the wires completely. Any fractures, or shorts indicate it is necessary to replace the motor.

    Q: How do I replace my flight control board?
    A: It is unlikely that a flight controller will become damaged to the point where it is necessary to need replacement, some crashes can cause this component to become damaged. A comprehensive step by step video can be found here:

    Q: How do I use the OneLink with the RC EYE One Xtreme?
    A: First you need to verify the OneLink will work with your transmitter. A list of major supported Transmitters can be found in the OneLink Instruction manual:
    A comprehensive explanation of how to program and bind the OneLink can be found in section 16.3 of the instruction manual: This explanation covers Spektrum and Futaba Transmitters. A detailed video of step by step process can also be found here:

    Q: Can I use my own Transmitter, and Receiver with the Xtreme?
    A: If you have a transmitter that is capable of transmitting PPM SUM signal, and a PPM receiver that is capable (Not PWM) then yes. The receiver and transmitter need to have a minimum of 6 channels to be used with the Xtreme. The process for programming the PPM Receiver can be found in section 16.4 of the instruction manual:
    A detailed video of step by step process can also be found here: and here:

    Q: How do I engage Altitude Height hold?
    A: Altitude height hold is only enabled while flying in sport mode. Once a desired height is achieved then move the throttle to mid-stick and depress the top right bumper on the stock Tx for a second. The LED’s on the Xtreme will begin to flash rapidly. Flying then can continue. If throttle is applied or reduced, then Altitude height hold will be disengaged.

    Q: I believe my Xtreme is defective, what should I do?
    A: Please contact the retailer you purchased from and explain the exact circumstances to them. Each retail partner has a different return / exchange policy, thus it is best to discuss with them directly. If you have purchased from RC Logger directly, the please follow this link:

    Q: I cannot get my Xtreme to initiate the motor starting sequence even when I give the correct input. What should I do?
    A: It is possible the stock transmitter has not been properly calibrated from the factory. Please follow the following steps to correct:
    Remove batteries from remote control.
    2. Bring sticks to midposition and throttle to 0
    3. Wait 1 minute
    4. Push mode and on/off button while inserting batteries.
    5. RC should beep
    6. Move both sticks to all ends. You can do circles with both sticks. It doesn't matter how many circles you are doing.
    7. Put all sticks to middle and throttle to 0
    8. Push on/off button
    9. Rebind remote control to copter

    This is related to the stock transmitter not being initialized correctly. This reset procedure solves the issue.

    Q: I purchased the aerial upgrade kit, how do I install the camera tray?
    A: A video documenting this process has been made to further explain this process:

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