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Thread: Eye One wobbly flight characteristics

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    Question Eye One wobbly flight characteristics

    I hope that this forum is still semi active.

    I have two Eye One quads. NOT the S quad, these are original Ones.

    The One in question has an issue when it rolls to the right. All the other controls: yaw(pirouette), pitch, roll left (while the front of the heli, red blades, is faced away - nose out) are very smooth in transition. The roll right starts smooth then lists right like a drunken master when it hits a certain degree. The quad is still flyable but this is a very annoying characteristic.

    I have tried calibrating the gyro and setting all the trim switches to their presets.

    Is there anyone that has experienced this also? If so, is there anything that can be done besides replacing the FC board? I have had some motor problems and will be getting some replacements, could this be a motor issue?

    Thanks in advance for a response.

    I am also going to post this on rcgroups forum.

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