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Thread: [Info] RC EYE Navigator 250

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heaterman1 View Post
    Hey guys, quick question about the goggles, can I power them with a 7.4v 2700mAh lipo or is that too much amperage?
    Thanks, Rocky
    Yes, this does work perfectly fine. No worries at all.
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Hey Rocky,

    I can see your post from your view forum post on your username, but can't reach the page. Sorry about that. We are working on seeing what might be causing this issue.

    In regards to your question. The only thing that matter's is the voltage. Anything from 2s (7.4v nominal) to 6s (22.2v nominal). As long as your battery is in this voltage range (which the one you mentioned is), then you are fine. Amperage doesn't have any impact.


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    Thanks Jamie, I thought that I had to log out before my reply would post. This would be the second time this has happened to me and you too, since page 8. Hope you get it worked out.
    Regards, Rocky

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