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    The Gemfan HQ6045 or HQ Props 6x4.5 are definitely the way to go.

    The HQ Props 6x4.5 is better quality and stiffer.

    Nothing works well in beginner mode, sports mode with these props will not disappoint you.

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    Just for completeness, and from only my personal experience:

    The HQ 6x4.5 fits totally perfect here. I use the largest adapter and the original nut upside down. 3 thumbs up.
    Three thumbs down: I hit solid obstacles twice, and had two HQ props broken off and flying away, one per hitting a solid obstacle. For that price this isn't my way to go.

    The Gemfan 6045 are comparatively cheap, a fraction of the original respective the HQs. Flying is great with them, but the adapters don't really fit the EOX and neither the propellers. The QC doesn't look too good: for some the propellers fits very well with large hole, and for some even the adapter is half a mm too small for its own propeller. Plus, today I had one propeller coming lose, very bad. I think, one needs an adapter below, and one above, below the nut.

    The original propellers offer the best flying experience, but are seriously overpriced for the cheap plastic, and start cracking almost on their own. Sad.

    I wonder why no other manufacturers seem to offer slightly hollow blades?

    After two more weeks, my recommendation goes for the HQ. The Gemfan had a tendency to slip, because Gemfan doesn't offer a fitting adapter. The one from HQ fits snugly and the propeller clicks onto it. I never had a HQ slipping, while the Gemfans at least here did so at times. So one would have to glue the adapter(s) to the propellers; while with the HQ the adapter can just stay on the motor (it usually does) and I can swap propellers.
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    Do these (HQProp 6045 / 6x4.5x3 Triple and Gemfan 5030 / 6045) props need to be balanced as I have read elsewhere like on RCGroup? Do I just buy and install them just as like stock props that come with EOX?

    Earlier today, I broke two of the large props that came with the upgrade kit. Now I'm back to the original stock props.
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    Hey eoxdude,

    Those that are using those props are mounting the prop nut that holds the props upside down.

    It's always recommended to balance any props you use no matter the brand as balanced props always ensure smoother flight characteristics and less impact on the copter itself as any vibrations can over time where on things like the motors more quickly.

    I hope that helps answer your question.

    Any other questions you have don't hesitate to ask we are glad to be of help. Welcome to the forums!


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