RC EYE NovaX 350 – RTF, unparalleled multi-rotor flexibility, setting new standards in multi-copter flight control and user experience. Truly “Altitude with An Attitude”. Available this April 2015 as ArF and RtF version.

Designed for maximum flexibility. Choose your own comfort zone.

The German engineered “RCLFC 2.0” introduces previously not seen flexibility and functionality in any other RTF multi-rotor platform in the consumer market. Not only rich in features and available interfaces, but engaging users to tweak flight parameters to the user’s preference using a simple yet appealing App based user interface, just two basic of various features describing this outstanding flight control system.

Despite its small size, the RCLFC 2.0 available communication interfaces include a Bluetooth module, communicating between Android, iOS and Windows Mobile* devices and the controller, a micro USB port for firmware upgrades, the RC Logger typical PPM port allowing a vast range of PPM compatible receivers, a digital telemetry port as well as ports for gimbal control, optional available retractable landing gear and a connector for an optional night flying driver board.

Two bright front and rear LED panels provide flight feedback to the operator, communicating each condition during flight including a two level low voltage detection supported by an distinct audio alert. If that wasn't enough, change LED colors to the pilots preference where red is reserved for error indication.

The RCLFC 2.0 features include global satellite navigation, a compass, MS5611 pressure sensor, highest accuracy in its class, 6-axis acceleration sensor as well as an 6-axis gyroscope connected to the ARM® Cortex® -M4 processor with 1MB internal memory.

The navigation system is build around the ublox® NEO-8 series GNSS, multiple navigation system support, GPS, GLONASS, allowing simultaneous satellite reception, all cushioned around a vibration insulation.

Positioned where it all belongs. Assured maintainability with ease of access.

Power system, navigation control and the heart of the RCLFC 2.0 have been engineered knowing where separation meets optimal performance, while keeping a clean and easy to maintain electro-mechanical construction, allowing interference- and vibration free, safe flight operation.

The main components are elevated on soft rubber cushions eliminating vibrations. The main power system builds the base of the entire RCLFC 2.0 connecting the speed controllers, motors and LiPo battery with each other. A soft flat ribbon cable links the “brain” to the base. The battery itself is positioned exactly at the craft’s center point of gravity secured by a soft rubber strap. A common XT60 interface connects the flight battery to the flight control system.

The sturdy carbon and composite frame construction acts as a cage, protecting the core electronics. The intuitive, strong ABS canopy holds the navigation system, front and rear LEDs shielded against sensitive sensors such as the gyroscope and barometric pressure sensor.

Engineered algorithm with performance and simplicity in mind. Free your mind.

Over 2000 lines of code, packed into the flight control firmware, are stored inside the unit’s memory and processor. Each line hand coded by RC Logger, flight- and bug tested, optimized based on tomorrows flying needs. Pilots are able to install free upgrade firmware packages and tweak parameters for expert needs, whether speed or smoothness is what the pilot is looking for.

A simple bank system allows restoring factory presets, assigning banks to specific radio switch locations or simply use the default bank setting. All controlled via an App. A selection of pre-set flight modes are provided, including an AP (Aerial Photography) mode as well as modes for fun and sport flying all the way to aggressive power flights unleashing the full capabilities of the NovaX 350 – the true all-rounder in its class, setting new heights in consumer multi-rotor platforms.

With pilots in mind - S.M.A.R.T., I.R.P.C. and T.P.C.S. provide maximum protection for your investment.

* Windows Mobile support added Q3’ 2015