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Thread: Just got my new RC EYE ONE and it drifts to the left

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    Just got my new RC EYE ONE and it drifts to the left

    Just got it and tried to fly, it drifts to the left. I tried to trim it as the manual said, it still drifts to the left .
    How can I make it work? Thanks.

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    Hello Lynn,

    Have you tried doing the gyro calibration process before flying? If not this is something I'd recommend performing before each flight or if you are experiencing drift during a flight landing and do this procedure.

    Put Xtreme on level surface and put right stick into top right corner and hold until the LED on top of the Xtreme goes solid green for a few seconds. This will indicate that the gyro calibration has been performed.
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    Give that a try if you haven't already and see if that helps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn View Post
    Just got it and tried to fly, it drifts to the left.
    Hi there Lynn and welcome to the community. Please help to provide a bit more details such as ....

    - Indoors ?
    - Outdoors (wind versus no wind) ?
    - Drift during hover or at what condition ?
    - What flight mode are you in and how far above ground are you ?

    Drift to some extend is completely normal since the unit does not hold x/y coordinates as there is no GPS available. The unit does hold position rather well if there is no wind, so indoors and no effects from propeller wash, thus you will need to fly at least 1.5 Meter above ground.
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Hi Matli, thanks for your instant response. Indoor fly, I used learner mode, it drifts immediately when I started. And when it up ground, I guess like a meter, it still drifts, didn't go straight up.
    I will try fly higher later. Thanks.

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    Please also try the gyro reset if you haven't already done so as this could be of help as well.

    You mentioned it didn't take of straight up to only around a meter. Without seeing in person to know whether it is out of the ordinary or not, this could be a common occurrence known as prop wash. When staying at lower altitudes or flying in an indoor environment where there is objects around the quad, the amount of air coming off of the unit hits things such as the floor, wall etc and bounces back onto the unit causing it to be pushed around. This can also be a cause of drifting around as well.


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