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    Hi All,

    Last week I ordered a ppm 8ch receiver from but I didn't get any conformation email nor a reaction on two emais i've sent asking for order information. Does someone here have experience with ordering from that website? Is there another site were I can order this receiver?


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    Hey redbull,

    Although I haven't personally ordered from them, I know them to be a reliable site with many, many people that have. Maybe just wait it out and see what happens.

    Another place to check is one of RC Logger's retailers He usually carries and has the 8ch PPM lemon rx in stock.


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    I feel like an idiot The same day I ordered I got all the info but my lovely hotmail moved all their emails to the junk folder. Received everything in good order within two weeks!

    this thread can be closed*

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    These things happen. Not to worry. Thread closed as per request.
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