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Thread: X3 Gimbal Configuration software

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    currently I can gimbal only as control program selection gimbal via infected with output SWA and the spark switch change from swa to SWB so I dervishes switch and GPS and old hold is connected with SWA because third mode I do not now , and pitch I control with AUX vrb
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    Hi I just bought the x3 gimbal but when i fly and turn the roll doesn`t really stay horizontal. it is always hanging on the left side of the picture. i also can`t set the speed by the configuration software it always stays on FAST. when i click save, the gimbal moves a little bit but when it reads the parameters again it is always FAST. but i can change and save roll and pitch. whats wrong? thanks!

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    Hey tarot,

    Welcome to the RC Logger forums. In regards to your questions on the X3 I will be happy to help assist you in any way I can.

    When you mention it hanging on the left side of the picture is this the whole flight after a turn or only during the turn and then it settles back out? Almost always a gimbal will have some bit of horizon being off level when turning, based on how quickly the aircraft is turning and the gyro is trying to compensate for.

    What camera are you using with the X3 and have you ensured it is properly balanced even when not powered? Adjustments can be made with the position of the camera or even adding a small amount of weight to a specific area to ensure proper balance. This could improve the level horizon when making turns.

    As for the software always showing fast, are you noticing any speed differences when viewing the X3 physically after making changes in the software? I am checking on this and testing to see if this issue can be replicated by a few X3 models I have here. I will get back to you.


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    I have the same problem. The X3 mini gimbal Pro, is not completely strait. And I cant correct it. The software tool should have the possibility to change that, but the option is grayed-out. I have also been trying to change te pan speed, but nothing happens at all. I have been writing to RC Logger but I think they didn't understand the question, because they told be that is has something to do with the receiver of the NovaX. I've responded on that today. When I get answer will update it here.

    b.t.w. they are really fast in responding on e-mails. So my compliments to the servicedesk!
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    Hey Rambouzi,

    Sorry to hear of the issue that you are having with the X3. You mentioned that your X3 isn't sitting perfectly level: horizontally I assume. May I ask what you have the X3 mounted to and how you have it connected (if any) to a receiver/ports?

    Also just to check. Are you placing on a level surface and powering up the gimbal before or after powering up the copter?

    In regards to the software tool being greyed out and no changes happening with the pan speed, we will be checking on this from our end with a few samples of the X3 to see whether we can repeat the results or not.

    If there is an issue with your X3 we will certainly work to ensure we get you back up and flying the X3 with confidence.

    Also I do apologize if there was a misunderstanding in the question that was originially presented, but am glad we were able to respond in a quick/timely manner.

    Service to our customers is priority #1.



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    Hai Jamie,

    I use the X3 mini gimbal Pro on my brand new Novax 350 Plus (AP). I use a GoPro Hero 3 Silver for filming.

    A few days ego I launched it from a parking place, to film a circus. The ground was tarmac and level. But the picture was not level. Uselessly I power up the NovaX, than the gimbal, than connect the cable at the front.

    I do know there is new firmware cumming for the X3. There is a issue with the calibration process. After powering up and connecting the gimbal to the NovaX 350 the camera keeps on tilting up and down. If you start the NovaX it stops doing that and functions ok. Also if you disconnect it from the transmitter (the little black plug at the front) it performs good, but only forward facing and no controle over the tilt. I did not film this way jet.

    I have been flying on different locations, with the same result.

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    Hey Rambouzi,

    Thanks for the response and helpful information. We will continue to support you via our ticket system and are all in communication to help assist in the issue that is occurring.

    You are correct there is a firmware release coming that will fix the gimbal calibration continuing on with certain X3 gimbals. We are currently testing the firmware to ensure there are no bugs or issues and are on target for a release of the new firmware.

    We have also made contact with the distributor in terms of the issue's that are being experienced with the software. You should definitely be able to film with full function and control. No reason for you to have to unplug the gimbal from the PDB board. Rest assured we are working on the issue and have continued communication via the email system.



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