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Thread: Data-Link Module

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    Yes i have done that. I now managed to bind, but in the apps calibration it stopped at mode 1 & 2 selection and keep asking to reboot as if the remote is not attached to the phone. Tried in android and and ios. Can i have ur skype id ?

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    Hey nnatio,

    I have sent the information via Private Message. You'll find the private messages under the notification's tab up at the top of the page.

    I will be out most of the night this evening and tomorrow until the afternoon, but we can establish a time through our message discussion.

    Thanks for being willing to work with us to get you up and flying.


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    Thanks cant add your ID Though. I have Pm'ed you my skype id too. Lets see im in GMT+7.

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    Hey nnatio,

    Skype request sent. I have PM'd with more information. Thanks so much.


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    This system also activates a follow-me option.

    I cannot find this option in the task menu. can u please explain where u navigate to within the app to engage this option.

    also why do I have to un-pair with the datalink module and pair to the nova x 350 when I want to adjust some other function? say, I want to change the color pattern on the illumination kit. not only do I have to do the pairing process but I have to bring the 350 into close proximity to allow the pairing. wouldn't it be simpler just to be able to access other parts of the app thru the datalink?

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    hey irelan122,

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you.

    I am glad to help answer your questions.

    In regards to a follow me mode, we don't have this implemented yet. This is planned for the next firmware update on the NovaX 350, but isn't yet available publicly. This is the reason you aren't finding it in the menus of the EYE Control app.

    In regards to the pairing of the Data-link and the NovaX 350, the communication between the two is a different type of communication in the data that's being transmitted, there for it requires you to connect to the two different devices based on what you are performing.

    The Data-link is sending data packets that can only be read in terms of the T.P.C.S. protocol, whereas the other aspects such as changing LED colors, calibrations, fences etc.) need to be done when directly connected to the NovaX as these data's are stored directly on the NovaX memory itself.

    This is the reason for the two separate connections.

    I hope that helps clarify.


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    thanks for the clarification Jamie.

    while I have your attention, could you tell me what the LEDs flashing yellow during calibration indicates? I cannot find any reference to LEDs flashing yellow in any of the literature.

    I also have another issue but I'm not sure I should post it in this thread. it's in regards to my purchase of the illumination kit.

    thanks again for ur attn.,
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    Hey Wayne,

    The yellow LED flashing is an indication of the aerial photography flight mode with gimbal attached. This is nothing to be concerned about and will take place when going through the calibration modes. It was added later on, but I have noted this and we will ensure to get this updated in the user manual. This mode will automatically show when flying if the X3 Gimbal is attached to the NovaX, however, the flight mode can be turned off via the EYEControl App if the X3 is connected and you prefer to not that have that mode on.

    Essentially it's a slower more fluid flight mode specifically for use with the gimbal to ensure slower quality footage when shooting aerial video.

    In regards to your issue with the illumination kit, we can certainly help. If you'd prefer you can open up a support ticket with us where we can better follow through in helping with any issues you might have.

    You can open a support ticket at:


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    well alright.
    I was kinda hoping it would help explain the issues I m having with binding and calibration. but at least it is nothing serious.hopefully the binding and calib. issues will eventually work themselves out.

    I m gonna go ahead and open up a support ticket for the illumination kit as well.

    thanks for your attn.,

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    Hey Wayne,

    May I ask what issues you are having with binding and calibrations?

    We are certainly here to help and want to ensure you get up and flying as quickly as possible.

    It sounds like you have possibly already flown the unit from your unit. Is the issues you are having with binding related to binding a radio and the NovaX or binding (pairing) between your unit and the app?

    For calibrations if you have the X3 gimbal attached the unit will have issues calibrating the Compass and Gyro. The reason being for this is the magnetization from the motors on the X3 gimbal can cause interference with this calibration procedure. The X3 will be required to be removed in order to perform these calibrations successfully.

    If you haven't already found our video library series, you may find them helpful as there's complete tutorials on how to perform the calibrations manually and also via the app. The library series can be found here:

    If you have already opened a ticket for the illumination kit, please let me know the # for the ticket so that I can ensure we can help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Thanks so much Wayne.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    RC Logger team member Jamie

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