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Thread: Data-Link Module

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    I just tried my first flight with the Datalink module, first of all the EYEControl software was VERY slow, it took approximately 10 seconds for each tap of the screen on my iPhone 6Plus S to register. I was able to completely build a flight profile and save the profile. However, right below the menu, was a red triangle with the phrase "Calibration Needed". I tried to exit back to the main menu of the EYEControl app, then run the calibration of the Gyro, and that wouldn't function. Long story short, I ended up rebooting everything, phone, NovaX, and transmitter (after removing the Datalink module). Then I was just going to take a short flight. I powered on the transmitter, and NovaX, and after take off the NovaX was completely out of control and promptly flew into a tree breaking off the gimbal (lost two black bumpers, need to find where to buy those..) plus broke two propellers and the canopy. Before the crash I tried RTH, tried to power down, nothing worked. Help! I don't know where to begin.

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    Hey KS,

    Sorry to hear of the issue that occurred with your unit. Hopeful we can work with you to get you back up and flying.

    In regards to the EYEControl software, you will find that the first 1 or 2 uses the app does tend to read slower as it is applying the initial data. However, after the initial use everything runs quicker including bluetooth connectivity.

    Unfortunately the fact that there was a calibration needed definitely means that the unit should have been re-calibrated before flying again. Any type of interference or data issue in regards to calibration is likely to cause issue's. I know you mentioned you did try to to perform a calibration by the app. Did you try closing out the app and reconnecting?

    Once the calibrations have been performed correctly, it's fairly unusual for them to need to be re-calibrated again for quite a while, unless there is some type of interference coming from somewhere or a calibration needs to be reconfigured. Have you flown in that location before? Did you notice anything in the area around you like cell phone or radio towers, power lines etc? Sometimes these can cause interference.

    In regards to replacement parts we can certainly help as we carry most of the parts (we can send you gimbal bumpers as well). You mentioned the canopy is broken. Do you know if it's only the canopy or if there was also damage to the GPS module installed in the top of the canopy as well.

    Essentially we want to ensure we are aware of all the needed replacement parts so we can help you with getting back up and flying.

    Also if you'd like to open a support ticket with us, we can maybe better help assist there.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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