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Thread: Turnigy Actio Cam to 5.8 VTX wiring

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    Turnigy Actio Cam to 5.8 VTX wiring

    I have a Turnigy Action Cam and the micro usb cord that is used with it. The wires at the end are labeled AV- (blue), AV+(white), B-(black), B+(red). What wires should connect to what wire going into the 5.8 VTX. I have a battery pack to power the VTX (4AA batteries) if needed. Thanks
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    Hey marko500,

    Welcome to the RC Logger forums! In regards to your question I am assuming you are speaking of our 5.8ghz video tx? Would you mind sharing a picture of the action cam and vtx so that we can further assist you?


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    Here are the pics
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    Hey Marko,

    Sorry for the slow response. Was out of town for the holiday weekend visiting with family.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

    For the video transmitter:

    Green wire= Video transmitter

    White wire= Ground

    Black wire= Audio left

    Red Wire
    = Audio Right

    That might at least be a start. I will also reach out to our other team members that might have more input on connecting the appropriate wires to each other.


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    Hi there,

    Team member Jamie, and I have looked things over. The RC Logger 5.8 does not offer Positive power out to power the Camera, thus it will need to run on it's internal lipo. I would recommend the following for connection -

    From RCL connector - (White) - to TGY connector (B-) = Ground

    From RCL connector - (Green) - to TGY connector (AV-) = Video **Note, if no video feed, you may need to try (AV+) - One wire is audio, the other is video. Once video feed is located, the opposing wire is audio. Thus -

    From RCL Connector - (Red, or Black *Both colors are audio*) - to TGY Connector (AV-, or AV+ depending on which is video).

    If there are any more questions, please do let us know!


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