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Thread: NovaX 350 Firmware 2.0 public release now available!

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    NovaX 350 Firmware 2.0 public release now available!

    RC Logger has been working hard behind the scenes, and the team is proud to present the latest NovaX 350 Firmware version 2.0 public release!

    An easy to download upgrade pack has been assembled in a .zip file (Please be sure to select “allow” if prompted):

    The pack includes the following:

    1. RC EYE NovaX 350 Firmware V2.0 Release Notes (Full description of the features).
    2. NovaX FW V2.0 firmware
    3. R8 Radio System Upgrade Pack 1.1.1 (If you have upgraded your Transmitter previously, then skip this step, if you are unsure then please follow this video Link on performing the Tx upgrade)
    4. Read me.PDF
    5. EYE Loader.exe (You will need this software to install your new firmware. Please follow this Link to our comprehensive video detailing the installation method).

    Here is a brief summary of what your new FW has included:

    Task Point Command System (TPCS) This new feature allows users to interface their smart device, the new EYE Control app, and the RC Logger Data Link Module to allow for complete autonomous flying. (TPCS) is much more than waypoint flying. The pilot can tailor his flight plan with a variety of options, including Travel speed, height, and orientation during travel. Once the NovaX reaches the point, the NovaX performs tasks based on what the pilot selected. Hold times, 360 degree rotations, the list of options goes on and on!

    We’ve made a comprehensive video showcasing the features, and functionality of how to use TPCS, and more will follow:

    In order to use the TPCS feature you will need a RC Logger Data Link.

    “What do I do if I don’t have a datalink?” You ask…

    We’ve got you covered! NovaX owners will all receive the Data Link module at no cost to them! This process is being worked on internally, so we ask for you to be patient with us! Here are the details:

    Customers who purchased from RC Logger directly:

    You will have a Data Link Modules shipped directly. A tracking number will arrive in your E-mail box shortly!

    For customers who have purchased from our authorized partners:

    We are coordinating with your vendor on making sure they ship you a Data Link Module directly. Please kindly wait for them to reach out to you. If you do not hear from your vendor in a reasonable amount of time feel free to contact them directly regarding this.

    For customers who purchased from 3rd parties (such as an independent seller, non partner):

    We will also handle your Data Link shipment on their behalf. In order to receive your Data Link module, you will need to open a Support Ticket.

    Please title your Support Ticket “RC Logger hook me up with a free Data Link Module!”

    Please include the following information:
    Name, Shipping Address, Phone Number, and the point of purchase (who you bought it from) of your NovaX. We will then reach out to you regarding the shipment of your Data Link module!

    Now that we’ve covered that, we’ve also included some upgrade features especially to those who have accessorized their NovaX!

    For those using the X3 gimbal – you can now disable the AP lock out mode that restricts the speed, and flight mode that can be selected via the EYE Control App.

    For those using the Illumination kit, the EYE Control app now offers an Illumination Kit firmware upgrade option. Once selected your Illumination kit will hold the last pre-set light function you created prior to disconnecting the power from your NovaX. When you plug the power back in the LED’s will be the same color, and performing the same function as before!

    Among this list, we’ve also enhanced the dynamic flight characteristics of your NovaX to give you the pilot an even more locked in precise control feel! How’d we do that you ask? Sorry, this one’s our little trade secret!

    A new audible tone has been added for a measure of security, and safety. You will hear this tone when your NovaX leaves the ground (Home lock indication). It's our way of keeping you informed of your NovaX status! If your GPS signal is not fixed, then your Home Lock signal will not occur.

    IOS EYE Control app is already available. Android users will have a new app to pull down from the playstore within just a few hours of this post (Links are provided within the NovaX Firmware Version 2.0 Release Notes document). We suggest that you use the time before you receive your Data Link Module to get a bit more familiar with the TPCS function, and also have a look at the video a time or two mentioned above. Once you have your module, you’ll be ready to rock!

    In closing, we would like to thank you our loyal customer for your patience and understanding regarding the TPCS release firmware V2.0! We are really looking forward to what you can now do with your RC Logger product!

    Best regards,

    Your RC Logger team!
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    I have been flying v2.0 for the past weeks (in various pre-release stages) and I must say, the final version is just awesome. So much improvement of an already outstanding flying platform . That said, we won't stop here and innovate even more new features and improvements. Some are already being selected for the next release - they by themselves are just crazy again.

    For now - enjoy this major free upgrade v2.0 that adds full mission planning abilities far beyond what others have to offer at double or even triple the price.

    We are proud over at RCL, proud of our customers, our team and our NovaX, Navigator and TWIST, fully encouraged to surprise our community with what we are developing next. Thank you again for supporting us so well over the past years. Walking together with you guys here has been an adventure we all won't forget!

    A BIG Thank You from the RCL Team!
    MatLi (Chris)

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    thanks guys great work, I had the notification for the update on my phone first thing this morning can't wait to try it out (come on weather) have a great day

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    Quote Originally Posted by zimmy1958 View Post
    thanks guys great work, I had the notification for the update on my phone first thing this morning can't wait to try it out (come on weather) have a great day
    Thanks Zimmy You have been such a great supporter from day one. Happy to see you with us for such a long time.
    MatLi (Chris)

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    you are so welcome I can't see it changing ever. I'm a very happy customer/friend of the RCL team. through all things you have NEVER let the customer down in any way and done so much more than you needed/had to do. please share my thoughts with all the team their work has not gone unappreciated.
    thank you

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    Always glad to have you as a customer and community member Z.


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