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Thread: Post your Navigator FPV flight videos!

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    Thumbs Up Post your Navigator FPV flight videos!

    Unofficial Navigator FPV flight. Go see how well the Navigator did, even in these cold and rather strong wind conditions. This flight was performed by Adam a few weeks back with a pre-production unit having a GoPro camera attached to the canopy right in front of the GPS antenna. Both, Adam and the Navigator did well, don't you think so?

    You have a video recorded with your Navigator too? So why not share it here as well.
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Sweet! Will definitely be getting some video's up soon.

    Nice flying Adam!

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    Here's another great video from Adam taking the Navigator on a flight around the park.

    (I'm posting it for Adam, because his computer is acting up)

    Jump on for the ride.

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    Here is something Adam added over at RCGroups.Com where he wrote:

    Hey all,

    Sorry for the delay. Been a real busy weekend here

    Was able to put together some more Navigator footage though!!!

    Thanks very much Chris for sharing the footage!!!

    A few things to share with the community that I've learned along the way.

    1. Mounting the Go Pro near the GPS unit on the Navigator without proper shielding may result in unwanted flight behavior. I ended up moving the Go Pro to the underside on the front camera cover. This setup actually gave much better results. But there were some drawbacks.

    2. With Go Pro mounted to the bottom of the Navigator the unit flew pretty well, but the issue now becomes that the unit will not sit level for take off.

    3. The hot setup is either a Mobius or a RunCam mounted on the front camera cover. The tilt angle on the bottom of the cover is perfect for the mounting position!!!

    I took some pics of the Go Pro mounting method I used. There are some mods that I made to be able to mount the cam in this position, but to me they were worth it. The pics show the Go Pro mounted, but Mobius, or RunCam can be mounted the same way.

    With the camera mounted like this I noticed some really good vibration isolation improvements!

    I'm loving the way Navigator is performing!!!!Here's some content I shot over the weekend. (Special thanks to Jamie for helping whip the video into shape!!)

    Hope you enjoy!
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    MatLi (Chris)

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    Great stuff Jim! Keep em coming!

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    I am grateful for you posting these videos off of the Navigator FPV camera, that is some nice detail being shown. Question - what display monitor are you using? And are you using upgraded antennas o the display? It seems like it might be 7 inches diagonal or larger.


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    Hi Michael
    this is the monitor I use
    I have had no problems with it others have DVR is fair I can see it well outside with sunshade on

    and I use a 3 turn helical and a bluebeam from IBCrazy

    Jim Z

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    Thank you Jim Z, I am very interested with how you progress with the RC Goggles too as I wear glasses for far sighted and also need reading glasses rather than use bifocals. So I look forward to reading your review on them. In the mean time I am researching how to budget an FPV capability with a Yi High Def camera onto my Nova X and this gives me a direction to look at.I know that my Samsung phones and tablets would be almost impossible to see in daylight.


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