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Thread: rc logger extreme PCB burn

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    rc logger extreme PCB burn

    My pcb burn after crash.
    I find broken ic10 on bigger board , where can I buy this and what it is ?

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    Hey bartek1983,

    Welcome to the RC Logger community!

    Sorry to hear of your crash. Would it be possible to upload a picture of your board and a close up of the area where the burnt component is? Unfortunately the board isn't really easily repaired by the user, but with a little more information we will be happy to assist you.

    You can also open a support ticket at

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    image in atachment
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    Hi there.

    We are currently checking with our engineers to determine the type of component used for IC10.
    However, you may want to consider that if one component has been burned, others might be affected as well.
    As soon as I have further feedback I'll let you know. I expect an answer within today.
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Here you go:

    IC10 is MOSFET

    Part name: AON7611
    Manufacturer: Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc.
    Package DFN3X3/EP
    Digikey number: 785-1404-1-ND
    Digikey link:
    MatLi (Chris)

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    is it possible to connect external esc to this controller ?
    Maybe U can give me a pcb circuit diagram. I thinking to use only smaller pcb, flight controller.
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    what i find
    i think
    jp3 jp4 is for pwm esc

    1 vcc
    2 bind ( to bind connect to vss )
    3 vss
    4 dont know

    2 x 1 pin for leds
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    Hey bartek1983,

    It is not possible to connect external ESC's to the Xtreme flight controller as they are built into the PCB and all programming is specifically tuned based on the components that are built into the PCB.

    Unfortunately we can't offer a circuit diagram of our PCB layout as we have licensing that protects this data in order to ensure it isn't stolen or knocked-off by another company.

    If this component was damaged within the first 60 days of ownership of your Xtreme please don't hesitate to reach out to use via our support ticket system and we will work to arrange a replacement board for you.



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