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Thread: convert mode 1 EOS to mode 2

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    convert mode 1 EOS to mode 2

    I have a stock Tx that came with my EOX (mode 2). Will this bind with a mode 1 EOS? If so will it be mode 1 or mode 2?
    In general, is the mode specific to the Tx or FCB or both?

    Jim W.

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    Hey Jim,

    Sorry I've been on vacation so haven't been as active the last few days. Looks like Saijin already answered your question on the other post. His information is correct.

    I still fly my little EYE One S quite often. Great little micro.


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    Hi Jamie,
    I figured it must be vacation time. I have never not gotten a response from you. Its supposed to arrive tomorrow. I think it's gonna be like my extreme flyer micro drone only better. I couldn't pass on the deal. I'll let you know how it works out.

    Jim W

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    Hey Jim,

    Hope you enjoy it!



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