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Thread: Nobody answers on EOS site

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    Nobody answers on EOS site

    Amazon is selling eye one s mode 1 for 29.99. I want to know if my stock EOX mode 2 Tx will bind and will it be mode 2. Is mode specific the the TX or is it specific to FCB (or both). I use a Flysky with my EOX and have my original stock Tx (mode 2) that I want to use with the EOS.
    Hi Jamie and Saijin. Having a great time with my EOX. Flying, Crashing ,breaking, fixing. (All my fault not the EOX) The carbon fiber brace from PFG is great.
    The EOX is a great quad.
    So, will my stock Tx mode 2 work with the eye one s sold as mode 1?

    Jim W.

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    Mode is specific to the Tx, so no worries there.
    As far as I know, the EOS and EOX use the same protocol, so the Tx is interchangeable.

    Glad to hear you're still having fun. I'm still not flying my EOX and am looking to sell all of my stuff, so at any point if you want a second unit with a ton of spare parts, give me a shout.

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    Hi Saijin...thanks for getting back to me.
    What? Your not flying? You're my EOX guru! You must have moved up to the Nova X 350. I hope all is ok.

    Jim W

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimW View Post
    Hi Saijin...thanks for getting back to me.
    What? Your not flying? You're my EOX guru! You must have moved up to the Nova X 350. I hope all is ok.

    Jim W
    Not doing anything R/C! My car broke the motor mount, and I'm not flying any of my quads (sold all of them except the EOX and my Proto-X SLT, and that needs new batteries). I need a new FCB and new motors for my EOX, so I'm not flying it anymore.

    I wish I could move up to the NovaX or the Navigator, but sadly, my current financial situation doesn't allow for it. Hence, I'm trying to sell off my EOX. I should hopefully have my career job landed by the end of the week, and my thesis done shortly thereafter, but yeah. Time to slim down my life!

    Everything is fine though, honestly
    On a happier note, I've been having a blast designing my own multirotor (to use the RC Logger EOX legs, no less!) and my own servo stabilizer gimbal (that can also be used stand-alone as a hand-held steadicam).

    I'll be here for the foreseeable future to help out where and when I can.
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    I would guess your a grad student in engineering, probably mechanical. That gimbal looks like it's holding a mobius camera. I just bought one it's coming Tuesday. I'm gonna mount it on the EOX.
    Maybe sometime soon I can buy one of your gimbals. I wish you all the best Saijin.

    Jim W

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    Good powers of deduction and reasoning. Very close!
    Graduate student, but in tree hugging (Environmental Science / Remote Sensing) :P

    Close on the camera as well. That'd be the RunCamHD-2, which has a very similar form-factor and weight when compared to the Mobius. I used to use the RunCamHD-S, but I sold that and upgraded to the HD-2.

    Don't be surprised if you see a roughly 1-2minute reduction in flight time when you add the weight of the camera and the camera tray accessory. I lost just about that much on mine using the 1150mAh batteries.

    I hope you might buy one! It is currently based off of the Alma Kidwell servo gimbal design I found/purchased on eBay, but I've modified mine to take smaller/lighter/faster servos, and I've redesigned it to use less material and to hopefully still be as strong (if not stronger with some additional bracing). My goal is to make the lightest servo gimbal I can since RCL discontinued the X1 gimbal which I was really excited for. Alma.stl
    Total volume: 46.19459718325752 cm^3
    Total mass: 57.7432464790719 g Saijin.stl
    Total volume: 38.04773247048248 cm^3
    Total mass: 47.5596655881031 g

    I shaved 10.18g off the reference Alma gimbal, more than negating the weight of one of my servos! I'm quite happy with this so far.

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    Looking good Saijin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlcamp7 View Post
    Looking good Saijin!
    Thanks, sir!


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