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Thread: Doesnt Arm

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    Doesnt Arm

    Hello RCLogger,

    Today i received my Navigator and i did everything for the learning process and it wont arm it self when i put throttle down/left
    i ran the firmware update for the transmitter to the latest and i think i messed it up because the firmware is from July 15
    how can i re flash to Jan 16


    where do i switch from 25mw to 200mw or what is the default?


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    Hi Sovirn,

    Welcome the the RC Logger forum. Congrats on purchasing your RC EYE Navigator 250!

    Sorry to hear you're unable to get it in the air. With the information you have provided us, there may be a problem somewhere along the calibration procedure that needs completed.

    Can you fill me in on what the LED color is on the rear LED's when you first power the unit? Please verify all trims are centered on the Tx as well.

    Also, please have a look at this video showing the procedures, and see if there's a discrepancy.

    With regards to the Tx firmware, there is no need to revert back to the previous FW.

    Additionally if you can shoot a short video, and share it with me, it would be very helpful.

    Looking forward to getting you airborne ASAP.
    Go big, fly hard.

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    Hi Adam, the color of the quad was light blue blinking and now after all the procedures its dark blue. and honestly i dont know how to make a video( will research it) and post here.....
    thanks for the quick response
    also after a few minutes the left side motors are twitching and its making a 2 tone sound.


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    Hey again,

    Its possible one of your motor wire connectors is not seated. Rare, but stranger things have happened. There are 2 screws holding each side carbon fiber plate in place on either side of the Navigator. Once you remove these screws the plate will slide up and expose the motor wire connections on the main control board. Please have a loomk and verify all motor wire connectors are seated. If they are, kindly open a ticket here
    Go big, fly hard.

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    HI Adam,
    i got it to work having difficulty with the last step, it took me a few trys but now the motors arm??? Great??

    where on the quad is the setting for the VTX mw , what does it default too???

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    Hi Adam,

    also have another question, why is the a delay on the quads throttle i spun the motors a full speed and then put the throttle all the way down and there seems to be a slight delay, could be that i open up the TX and put the throttle like im used to
    thanks again for the help



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