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Thread: EYE One S: Radio Protocol

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    EYE One S: Radio Protocol

    I'm hoping that this is using some variant of AFHDS (FlySky) protocol so that it'd be compatible with the FS-i6/RCL R8 radio systems.

    Is this true, or am I out of luck? I want a nice brushed micro for an acro trainer, but I want to use my FS-i6. This is proving to be very difficult as few boards support AFHDS/2A.

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    Hey Saijin,

    We actually have had discussion about this. We are finalizing out the details of the radio protocol. What has to be kept in mind is due to the lower price of the Xtreme with the feature set it offers then it might be required to go with a different alternative. However if this is the case, rest assured PPM is included for the ability to use your own radio.

    The thing that's unique about the new Xtreme is some of the features that will be built directly into the radio that's included. Can't share yet as nothing is finalized. But essentially we are working to create a very complete all in one package.


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    Thanks for the nitty-gritty on the upcoming EYE One Xtreme Pro or V2, whichever naming convention you guys are going with I hope I can beta test one if needed, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

    For the moment though, I'm asking about your older EYE One S units. They seem like the perfect size for what I'm currently after:
    A micro brushed acro trainer that won't cost me an arm and a leg to repair when I smash it into things repeatedly.

    I know that the EOX and the EYE One S use the same protocol, but I'm not sure just what that protocol actually IS. I want to practice using my FS-i6 radio, so I'm hoping your EYE One S/Xtreme native protocol was actually a variant of the FlySky protocol (AFHDS) so that I can fly the EYE One S with my FS-i6 to practice. If not, I can always use the stock Tx.

    Do you guys still produce the EYE One S, or has that been EOL'd?

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    You're right. Sorry about that! I just re-opened and read title and immediately realized my mistake in responding. Must have replied too early in the morning. lol

    The EYE One S does not use the same protocol and isn't even a variant as at the release of that product the FlySky protocol wasn't even on our radar until we began working on the NovaX.

    It is still possible to fly it using our OneLINK attached to the back of your radio. This basically takes the place of a PPM receiver.

    We no longer produce these, so what's left is our current stock.

    Sorry for the confusion again.


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    All good! I like reading more details about the EOX Pro/V2.

    Ah, that is unfortunate. The hunt continues!

    That also explains why the Mode2 is about twice the going rate of the Mode 1 and Mode 3 options!

    Do you anticipate making a successor of sorts for this class of your multirotors?

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    Hey Saijin,

    Actually the only thing that differentiates the modes of the models is the transmitter that comes with it. So as long as you have a mode 2 radio you can use it with any of the mode 1 or mode 3 models.

    This has been discussed some, but I don't have any details at the present moment on a successor. I would love to see us build another micro with FPV built in, but I can't comment on whether this is in the works or not.

    Have a great weekend!!!


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    Yeah, I know that, however the Mode 2 Tx is hard to find on its own and fairly spendy, making buying it on top of a Mode 1/3 package nonsensical. I wish I could use mine from my EOX, but that one causes fly-aways so it has been permanently canned.

    A micro FPV brushed/brushless, prop-guarded FPV/acro trainer along the lines of the EYE One S would be pretty incredible, especially if you can incorporate some of the features of the current generation RCL FCBs.

    I might grab a Mode2 EOS package I found on eBay since it comes out being the cheapest micro brushed acro trainer I can find/build at the moment, and I know I like your products. I assume this one will be without support since the eBay seller is not a licensed retailer, right?

    RC-Drones is asking $80 for the Mode 2 EOS package currently, which is only $15 more than the eBay unit... Decisions, decisions.

    You too! Enjoy the holiday.

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    I gotcha. I was under the impression for some reason that you already had a stock Tx from the Xtreme, so that's why I mentioned that.

    Thank you, hope you enjoy as well.

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    I do, but the stock Tx from my EOX is broken somehow. I've looked over the PCB, and I can't spot anything obvious so it remains in the "do not ever use" pile.

    Quick question about Expert Mode on the EOS:
    Are the accel/gyro units disabled or put into 3-axis like on the EOX so that I can use it for Acro training? That's what I'm really looking for here. If it is still 6-axis stabilization but with less restrictions on the rates, that won't do.

    Thanks for the help, as always.

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    Hey Jamie and Saijin,

    I was just wondering the same thing. Can I use my FS-i6 with the EOS? You answered my question but now I have others. How does One Link work? Do you just plug it in to the back of the Tx and it works? That would surprise me since I've found nothing is that straight forward with these things. Also, when is the EOX Pro/V2 set to release?
    I'm flying my EOS that I bought mode 1 with my left over mode 2 EOX Tx with no issues. I love that EOS! I'm having a great time with it. It's great for me to practice Expert mode( I don't get very far with it, I crash it within about 5 seconds).
    I'm unclear of the Anyway, Its good to talk to you both again. Hope all is well. Good luck finding a Mode 2 Tx Saijin. You cant beat the deal on the Mode 1 EOS.

    All the best,



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