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Thread: EYE One S: Radio Protocol

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    Thanks Saijin. I noticed that this is a topic of much discussion in various forums and on you tube. Everyone comes up with their own design. This gives me something to play around with and figure out.
    I'll let you know if I come up with some great solution!


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    On my Ominus, I just used Velcro to hold my 808 #16 V3-D and my video was perfect:

    I think the biggest issue on my EOX was that the motor bell housings were horribly out of balance. The vibrations were really high as measured by the accelerometers on my phone. Since I couldn't figure out how to drive the motors individually, I couldn't decouple the vibrations of one motor from the rest, preventing me from balancing each fully. I reduced the vibrations, but never removed them. If you can figure out a way around that, you'll likely be on a good path.

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    Another key in smooth footage with the Xtreme is adding more rigidity to the frame. Of course the design was to absorb impact on Xtreme to protect other components so adding rigidity could put things like the flight controller more at risk. But at the same time the adding the rigidity can be of value to giving smoother footage as well.

    Here is a product that Tony from has created for the Xtreme that works well for this. Just remember you use at your own risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimW View Post
    Thanks for the info Jamie. I'm tempted just to try it out. I actually don't mind the stock Tx. It does the job. It has its place.
    Does one link only work with rc logger quads?
    OneLink only works with the EYE One S and the Xtreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saijin_Naib View Post

    If I buy (2x) the Mode 1 EYE One S from your Amazon page, would I be covered by RCL's warranty service?

    After the huge mistake of buying my EOX from a RCGroups member, I don't want to repeat being out of warranty -_-

    Who would handle warranty replacement/parts/service? RC-Drones here in Henrietta, or would I have to buy direct from Tony at RC-Drones for him to support me?
    Any clarification on this?

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    If you purchased directly from Amazon, then the return period would be within their jurisdiction, however following that we would cover the warranty period directly.

    If you purchase from rc-drones then they would be the support. However, we do work closely with Tony and he is even a part of our ticketing system for any purchases made directly from rc-drones.

    Sorry I guess I missed this post previously.

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    Thanks for the reply. Not surprised you missed it, it got buried pretty rapidly between Jim and I talking.

    So, just for further clarification, say if I needed a new board for my EYE One S that I got from Amazon, you guys would cover it, but it'd be coming from your overseas warehouse and I'd get nabbed with the $15 shipping charge, right?

    I'm just trying to decide where my best move is in terms of getting it from you guys directly, or from Tony.

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    Hey Saijin,

    That is correct, unless we had it available in our US warehouse, in which it would ship from our US location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlcamp7 View Post
    Hey Saijin,
    That is correct, unless we had it available in our US warehouse, in which it would ship from our US location.
    Thanks for the clarification. Is any of the EYE One S stuff stocked in your US Warehouse currently, or do you have plans to move stock there?

    Sorry to be such a pain about this, but optimizing my meager hobby budget is the only way I can continue in the hobby. Thanks again for your help.

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    I will have to check with the team once they are in the office. I will get back to you.


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