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Thread: can't hover.. The eye one is not able to hover or even lift from floor

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    can't hover.. The eye one is not able to hover or even lift from floor


    My issue is that the eye one tries to lift and it seems, even though all motor are running, only the two in the back are doing the lifting and the rc eye one only lifts from the back.
    If I apply full thrust it will only lift from the back till the two running motors in the fron touch the floor and the drone stops.

    What is causing this issue? I did calibrate the remote and tried to change trims and everything. Nothing works.

    Please help!

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    Did you calibrate the sensors in the EOX as well?
    Have you triple-checked the propellers are installed in the proper locations?

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    Yes, propellers are installed correctly and in the right place.

    What are the EOX sensors?

    I did calibrate the Gyros by turning the right stick to the upper right corner as instructed in the owner manual.

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    Is this the first time flying this one or has it flown before?

    Since you already calibrated the gyro's, I would take a second look at the props to ensure 100% that they are on correctly.

    Here is a pic:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Xtreme rotation:orienation.jpg 
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    Also maybe you could provide a picture just to help troubleshoot if anything looks incorrect.


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    I feel so silly! You are right the props were switch in the back! Thank you so much

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    Awesome! Glad you are up and flying. And don't fill silly. I think we've ALL done it (myself included) at some point in time.




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