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Thread: Spareparts Problem in Germany

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    Question Spareparts Problem in Germany

    i have a big Problem. I have bought a Novax 350 three weeks ago, and it is not possible to get spareparts for this copter here in Germany. I have tried different shops, but there is nothing.
    Conrad Germany needs two weeks to answer me, with the result, no spareparts, only some boards for a good price.
    I have given 80 Euros to an Amazon account to a Dialer, but they dont have, there was a mistake on the page, and my money is away.
    In the UK, they sell only per PayPal. Now i have lost many days for searching.
    Normaly i should give the Copter back, but the Copter is wonderfull working,
    ---------------they have done a very good job.-------------- Congratulation.
    Is somebody there, who knows where I get one Motor, a boom set and the Novax Landing gear parts assortment in Germany, like those in rcloggers online shop.

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    Hey Tom,

    Firstly welcome to the forums, we are glad to have you. Also thank you so much for your encouraging words on how well the NovaX 350 actually flies. We always love hearing when the customer is happy with the performance/flight characteristics of the product and we strive for that in our design/development.

    In regards to the issue with products being in stock in the Germany location, this is certainly something we are taking note of and I am reaching out to our sales team to notify them of this. We will get in touch with our contact there and find out why there is a lack of parts availability for that region.

    Also I am sorry to hear of the issue you ran into regarding the purchase on Amazon.

    I know our sales team works very hard and strives to keep close connection/communication with all of our distributors and tries to ensure they make the needed replacement parts available to customers.

    I hope to have more information for you shortly and will update with anything that I can.


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    Hi Tom,

    I know very well about the bad spar parts situation in Germany. I recently got the last(!) available battery from Conrad Germany and I´m looking for a set of spare propellers too. They are only two dealers in Germany who have RC Logger parts officially at stock, Conrad and Voelkner. But at this moment, both are out of stock (at least for the props).
    However, I´m pretty sure Jamie and the RC Logger guys from Hong Kong will do everything to help you. I made very good experience with them guys in the last few weeks. They helped my getting my broken battery replaced (Conrad refused first) and also they are working on solving the spare propeller issue.
    Anyway, it´s good to let them know about the poor situation here in Germany. If they don´t know they cannot solve it.


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    There is Sale at Conrad Germany for RC Logger Spare Parts. They are near all out of stock and they won't get it back.
    So there is now a Problem for Spare Parts in Germany. Only to order direct from HK is an option.
    I did it today, cause i want to have the retracts for my X350. Price is ok, but 40!!!€ shipping. omg

    Pls RC Logger take a look for other dealers here in Germany!

    (sad) Michael

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    Hey Michael, I am sorry to hear of the issue you are having in regards to obtaining spare parts. Due to our relationship with being paired to the Conrad company than Conrad is our primary dealer in Germany and will continue to remain that way.

    However, we are checking with our product department to determine why it was mentioned that the products would no longer be carried. There should be no issue in Conrad continuing to carry the needed replacement parts in their stock. We want to ensure that you are able to easily purchase the needed parts and accessories for your product so you can continue to enjoy your NovaX 350 for the long term.

    Also I can discuss with our team in regards to the shipping charges that you experienced for your order. We are always striving to improve our shipping charges to the customer to ensure satisfaction.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team
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    Hi, I have the same problem. CONRAD told me they will not get any spareparts for the NovaX.

    Cheers another Michael / Germany

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    Hey guys,

    We have already made contact with Conrad on this and will discuss with them about this issue. I will update you guys on the status here soon.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you Jamie !

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    Tom, brauchst Du die Teile noch ? Ich hätte welche verfügbar. Grüße Michael

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    Hey Michael,

    Very nice of you to offer. That's what community is all about.

    We are currently working on a new route to provide parts/accessories more easily. We look forward to updating you guys soon, once it's been 100% confirmed.

    Best regards,


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