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Thread: Eye one extreme control issues

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    Eye one extreme control issues

    Has any one experienced control issues with a extreme and one link and Jr 9 x , all works fine but the controls are very unresponsive , they work but I have to use lots and lots of input to get them to control ! , and in a wind I do not have enough control to get her back , any advise would be great ,

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    Are you positive you're not in Beginner Mode? What is the color of the status light on your EYE One X?

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    Have tried all 3 modes very unresponsive , thanks

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    Does your JR 9x have adjustable control rates and end-points? It sounds like perhaps it is in low rates and sending limited commands to the EYE One X.

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    Hey saffother,

    First off welcome to the RC Logger forums. Great to have you hear.

    In regards to the "sluggish" input, I would agree with Saijin that I would first check with your radio setup and check the travel adjust menu to ensure that you are getting full travel on all the channels and also don't have any type of low rate mode setup.

    Is this an ARF model or have you already flown the Xtreme with a stock transmitter. If you've flown with stock transmitter and not experienced this same issue then there is likely something in the setup menu's that needs to be adjusted or changed to make the Xtreme more responsive to stick input.

    Please check over these travel adjust menus and see if there's anything you notice that can be changed to give more response.


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