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Thread: Can I use my NovaX R8 transmitter with the Navigator?

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    Can I use my NovaX R8 transmitter with the Navigator?

    Hey Guys, I just bought a new NovaX 350 through Amazon. My original NovaX finally bit the dust to the point that spare parts were over 50% of the cost of a new 350. I'm thinking about picking up the Navigator but since I have a spare remote and receiver, I figured I'd just have to load the Navigator profile. Am I correct in this thinking? I took a hiatus from flying since last December because I was pissed at all the FAA BS and all of the little airstrips around me. I finally registered with the FAA and said screw off to the local unused airstrips so I'm back in the air again! I think it's time to try FPV!!


    Doug Moir
    Early NovaX Adopter

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    Yes sir. Rock out with your R8.

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    Hey Doug,

    Saijin is correct. You don't need to do anything special. Just bind and do the usually transmitter learning (same as NovaX 350) and perform gyro and compass calibration and you're ready to fly.

    Here's the exact directions from the manual:
    25.1.1 Preparing the transmitter (Tx)
    1. Ensure that all mixing is deactivated, throttle curves are linear, trims are centered and
    all travel is set to maximum range.
    2. Make sure that the throttle stick is in its mid-position; the sticks are spring loaded and
    are centered by default.
    3. Set all switches to their default positions (position 1).
    25.1.2 Binding
    1. Disconnect the flight battery.
    2. Turn the transmitter off.
    3. Press and hold the BIND/RANGE TEST button on the transmitter and turn the
    transmitter on. The transmitter display shows ‘RXBinding...’.
    4. Press and hold the pairing button (24) integrated into the left rear LED while inserting
    the flight battery.
    5. Receiver and transmitter are re-bound.
    6. Disconnect and re-connect flight battery.
    7. Re-learn all channels.

    The quick start guide has you go through a TX learning processes you put quad in learning mode 1 flash move thr down 2 flash move rudder left 3 flash ect ect it goes through all the gimbals and switches then you are done.
    here some pictures.

    Hope that helps.


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    Absolutely. Great to continue to have you as a part of the NovaX 350 family.


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