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Thread: RC Logger EYE One S - The Tiny Lady Beetle Diaries

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimW View Post
    Hi Saijin and Jamie,
    As far as FPV I'm looking at Eachine ev800 goggles. I'm not sure of camera. Maybe Eachine also. It's cheap.
    If you can wait a bit, RCL look to have a very interesting set of diversity FPV headsets in the works that may be around the same price point as the Eachine EV800. I'm holding off until we get further details on those RCL headsets.

    Quote Originally Posted by jlcamp7 View Post
    Hey Jim,
    We are pushing to get it out as quickly as possible of course. We are still in finalization stages of the design and will hopefully soon begin testing. I can't give an exact date of course as we still have more to complete in the process, but we will definitely keep you guys updated.
    Please do! This is quite exciting to see in-process.

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    Yeah I can wait. I still don't know what camera I want and I want to get them both at once.
    Thanks for the info Jamie, I'm sure I'll be one of the first in line, right behind Saijin.
    Getting off the topic, I've found that epoxy NEVER works to fix a drone. I bought some special to bond with plastics and still nothing.
    Any of you ever try that stuff that you cure with ultraviolet light? I wonder if that would work.


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    True on both. Still undecided on what camera I want.

    I got to try KDS Kylin, Fatsharks, and Quanum V2. I really liked the Kylin/Quanum. The Fatsharks are really comfortable, but I didn't like the screen "size"/FOV.

    On that note, I also completely lost my EOS and EYE OneCam over a treeline about 20s into my first ever goggle/headset FPV flight.

    I don't have any more money in my hobby budget with all my upcoming expenses, so I'll be pretty quiet from here on out :\

    It's been fun guys. Be back later this year, hopefully.


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