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Thread: What kind of signal comes out of the gimbal control pins?

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    Looking great Christian! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a really nice quiet location for flying and testing.

    Definitely looking forward to IFA. Do you know what day(s) you plan to be there?

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    Hi Jamie,

    Sorry for the late answer. I've had to win a few tickets for the IFA first. This has happened fortunately today . Just a phone call to the daily newspaper "Berliner Zeitung" and a bit of luck...
    So i plan to visit the IFA on monday or tuesday, i've to talk to my boss first.

    See you soon,

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    Hi Jamie,

    it was very pleased to meet you today at the IFA personally. I was very excited and have completely forgotten even to take a photo of us. Maybe you can send me an email with the photo that made your colleague of ours or share it on your Facebook IFA 2016 album.

    All the best and regards to your team until next year,

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    Hello Christian,

    I will be sure to upload it to our Facebook page over the next day or two. Also if you'd like I can send via email if you'd like to send me your email in a private message here on the forums.

    It was great meeting you and I'm so glad that you dropped by the booth to say hello!

    Looking forward to next year again.


    Hallo Christian,

    Ich werde sicher sein, es zu unserer Facebook - Seite über den nächsten Tag zu laden oder zwei. Auch wenn Sie möchten, dass ich per E-Mail senden können, wenn Sie möchten, dass ich Ihre E-Mail hier in einer privaten Nachricht in den Foren zu senden.

    Es war toll, treffen Sie und ich bin so froh, dass Sie von der Kabine fiel um Hallo zu sagen !

    Wir freuen uns wieder auf das nächste Jahr .


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    Just a short video, from Köpenick/Berlin/Germany. My gimbal works better now, but it's a long way with the PID tuning...


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    Wow - Nice job Christian. Looks really well balanced now. I just looked at a number of your videos on YouTube. They are really helpful to us. Especially the TPCS flights. I have forwarded some of them to our developer team for review. In case they have additional comments let me share them with you.

    Again. Great job and thank you for supporting our products.

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen aus der Ferne,

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    Hey Christian,

    Awesome video! Love the location and the sunset. So many things to see and being a pianist definitely digging the old ragtime music. Also nice job on the tuning. The video stability looks rock solid!


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