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Thread: How to do it better next time

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    Question How to do it better next time

    Hey there,

    a week ago I purchased an used EOX to find out if I like it. And I liked it a lot ! I learned flying on this one - this quad is a tank! I only had to buy some more replacement props and did some outdoor tests. Hereīs the first issue :
    It is impossible to find out its direction from distance.
    So I just had to do some spins. Second issue :
    I tried to put it in alt lock mode and turn with pitch and rudder only, but since I only touched the rudder/throttle control the alt lock was gone. Is there a fix or maybe a different way to really lock alt control, maybe with a different controller?
    Yesterday the wind picked the EOX up in high altitude. Íīve tried as hard as I can, but without any option like headless flight or return home I was not able to gain control again. Iīve seen her the last time high above a forest, then she disappeared.
    Now I think about how to fix the issues I had with the controls // making the quad more visible // install a beacon (?) or GPS tracker. Today I ordered a "new" EOX.

    Cheers, Michael

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    Hey Michael,

    First off welcome to the forums. We are glad to have you as a part of the community!

    Thanks so much for your input. We always greatly value the input of owners of our product and have used the input of our customers in each new product we build. In regards to the orientation, the original design was focused on the use of the red and black to help with the orientation, as these are strong opposite colors, but of course can certainly be tough to see at further distances.

    The altitude height hold mode is dis-engaged when the throttle is bumped up or down on the controller. It is a little sensitive on the sticks, but using an after market radio which allows programming for expo, can widen the center travel of the stick making it hold the altitude height hold while offering a little more movement on the stick.

    I am sorry to hear that you lost your first Xtreme, but glad to hear that you've enjoyed it so much that you've ordered a new one. This means a lot to us and we will make sure to share this with our team.

    Just as a side note we are working on an Xtreme V2, that will have many upgrades and improvements over the original V1 design. Pictures will be coming soon. Don't worry though it won't be released for a while. I just wanted to let you know we are working on it, but also don't want you feeling like you should have held off and waited to order the V2 as it's still in development.

    Thanks again Michael and if we can ever answer any questions at all don't hesitate to ask.


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    Hi Jamie, thank you ! Well, firtst I didnīt know what quad to buy, so I read a lot. I didnīt want one of these cheap big plastic quads and I was happy about the EOX because of its ability to be upgraded. I ordered a spare polycarbonate frame because of its look. The new unit will be upgraded with this !
    I think about installing something like a buzzer (signal/power lost) and a strobe light, right now I am looking what is available and how to connect. Has somebody tried installing something like this ? Maybe a aftermarked radio / PPM receiver can offer a possibility to get this activated as a failsafe option ? Sorry for my english, I am german.

    Xtreme v2 sounds good to me !

    Thank you, Michael

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    My new Xtreme arrived, and I love it. This quad is incredible ! Yesterday I was searching for some kind of actioncam for it, and I found the Eye Onecam.(35 EUR) And I found the Onecam Monitor (150 EUR). And then I found both items in a set for : 35 EUR.
    First I thought of a mistake, but I found it in more than one shop. I had to buy it.

    I have a new question regarding an upgrade for flight battery power. As we know it is possible to get adapter cables for other battery connectors. I have some spare RC Logger battery plugs and I could also convert a third party battery to the RC Logger system. Is it safe to recharge a converted battery with the OneStation ?

    Cheers, Michael

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    That is an incredible deal!

    Do you mind sharing where you found that? I've been trying to find the OneCam Monitor/DVR for a reasonable price, and I've not turned up anything yet!

    I wouldn't put a modified battery on the OneStation. That's just me, however.

    Best of luck with your EOX!

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    I found the Sets an (1491640 - 62) , (W098171) and (W098171). I had to have it !
    The 1150 mah battery had a good price too, so I didnīt have to buy a third party battery. Maybe Iīll upgrade later. I receive the cam set tomorrow, I will post about it as soon as I can !

    Thanks + Cheers, Michael
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    That's an amazing price for that Monitor/DVR. I want it!

    Please do post about the camera/DVR. I have two of the cameras here already ($25 each for me), but I don't have a monitor/DVR!

    Do you know what it would cost to ship that monitor/camera set over to me in the USA? Could you check with your post office before you open it all up? haha.


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    Conrad doesnīt ship to the US, but I if there is no other way I could send it over to you. Shipping in the US via DHL starts with 16 Eur - 30 Eur.

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    Confirmed, I got the complete set for 35 Euro, this is no typo. I also received my conversion frame. Today was a good day !

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    Today looks like it was a great day! Get that stuff charged up!

    I may ask you to ship me a set after I poke RC Logger about putting that deal up in their US/Amazon warehouse.

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