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Thread: How to do it better next time

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    Yes the v2 will have very bright LED's that should really help with orientation.

    For installing LED's the camera trigger port wouldn't work as it doesn't put out a consistent amount of voltage and is a rather low voltage for powering LED's. If you wanted to add custom LED's your best bet would be powering off of the main leads on the board or using the LED slots that are already provided for the on board leds (although they slowly fade in and out). Tony of RC Drones actually has a plug and play kit for this if interested:

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    Hi Jamie, thank you ! This is exactly what I was looking for ! I bought some Emax PM1306-2800Kv plastic motors today (for the other quad) , I wonder if they would also fit in the EOX ? I still have an unused polycarbonate frame for the EOX with standart motor mounts - but I donīt want to destroy the board. Not again !
    I will keep you updated asap.

    Cheers Michael

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