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Thread: How to do it better next time

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    Hey Folks,

    the good times didnīt last long. -.- I did a quick flight test with the EOX and its new frame, and all of a sudden it went down. The motors on the right side didnīt work anymore. I found a thread here about this, but I later found out what happened.
    When I reconnected the motor wires on the right side, the copper foil layer of the circuit board got damaged. I was gently screwing the cables in place, but this was too much for the (maybe previously damaged) board. I was not able to reconnect the motors, not even direct soldered. So I reassembled everything to get at least some spareparts.
    A new circuit board is too expensive for me, so Iīd rather chose something else as the "bigger" quad.
    I mounted the Onecam to the Eye One S, it works perfect. I will keep this as the Mini-FPV-quad for indoor use.
    Iīll show you some footage tomorrow.

    Have a good night, Michael

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    Do you have any use for 3x of the stock RC Logger EYE One S/Xtreme controllers in Mode1?

    I have three here that I cannot use, brand new and still sealed in the bubble bags. I'm wondering if perhaps you'd consider trading them for one of those EYE OneCam Monitor sets.

    Please let me know!

    I hope tomorrow's flight goes better for you. I'm just now charging up my RCL 5.8ghz Video Receiver/Monitor set (small one), so hopefully I can get a flight in tonight.

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    Hey Michael,

    I'm sorry to hear about the crash that occurred. The setup looks really nice on the PC frame. If you need help with a replacement board don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we will see what we can do to help in offering you a new board for a discounted price.

    Glad that you are enjoying the Onecam on the S.


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    Any news on that possible trade?

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    Hi Saijin, I have a lot controllers here, more than I need. But thank you !
    Jamie thank you, but I think the shipping costs to Germany are heavy.

    Cheers Michael

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    Update : I am looking forward to get 1,5 (!) EOX today. I tried different quads, but none of them was as powerful as the EOX. I want to install the Onecam on this unit, my One S has issues. Maybe I get a new one later (actual price is less than 10 Eur @Conrad)Wish me luck !

    Cheers Michael

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    Enjoy! Do you have any plans to try new frames or any other mods on them besides the EYE OneCam?

    My EOX was very, very powerful, but I never could get the motors fully smooth. Mine was also used & slightly abused when I got it, so that may have been why. I'm sorry your EOS isn't behaving. What is wrong? I'm still having a blast with my EOS

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    Hey Michael,

    Hope you got the Xtreme okay and are enjoying it. Looking forward to some footage soon.

    What seems to be the issue with the EYE One S? We will certainly be glad to help if there is an issue that is occurring.


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    Hi Jamie, I got it ! One complete EOX and a second EOX with one motor missing. (I have spare motors!) I changed the Onecamīs power connector to JST HX (used this on my other quad with the battery balancers port). I soldered a male JST HX + cables into the Xtreme, so I can also use my Lipo buzzer instead of the cam. Iīll post some pictures soon.
    The first flight tests were impressive, I installed 6045 Bullnose props for the test. Maybe I will do some tweaks to increase the range of the Onecam/TX, maybe an antenna mod? Right out of the box it is about 60 meters.
    The Onecam RX / Monitor is a GREAT tool!

    I could not figure out what was wrong with the EOS, it was unable to fly. First it only flipped over. I checked it and I learned that the props were attached wrong. I changed them, but the quad still was unable to perform a stable flight at all.
    Maybe the FCB is broken, I tried everything. Next time I will buy a new one.

    @Saijin_Naib I think I will upgrade the EOX frame sooner or later, first I have to fix my 3DX6 with a Spidex frame and sell it.
    Iīve read there is a way to upgrade the EOX with Emax motors (+new frame), they run completely smooth and sound like little jets. The PFG polycarbonate frame offers using the stock motors AND upgrading them later.
    I flew 4 packs with the "new" EOX today and I am happy with it.

    @Jamie Maybe the EOX V2 will have some bright position lights on the bottom ? Iīd really like to have this option out of the box for better orientation.
    Can I install some LEDīs on the actual EOX using the camera trigger port? Like these : ?

    I need to catch some sleep now, see U later !

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    Looking great! Nice little quad family you got there.

    Sounds like a great setup on your Xtreme.

    With the EOS I'm assuming you already tried a gyro reset? If so then yes it could be very likely just worn out motors (or a bad motor). Didn't realize it wasn't a new one.

    Enjoy the EOX!

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