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Thread: Left rear motor does not start at start up.

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    Cool Left rear motor does not start at start up.

    Hi ,
    I recently purchased 4 x eye one navigators ..
    3 work great ..
    One on start , the left rear motor does not start , all sticks forward , left throttle 7 o'clock , 3 motors start .
    When I give it up the affending motor starts!!
    Any ideas appreciated .
    I've opened a couple of support tickets , no response in my email account.

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    Hey Javid,

    First off welcome to the forums and the RC Logger community we are glad to have you. I apologize for the delay in response. We are certainly here to help!

    Did you receive a notification of what your ticket # is? If so could you please share them with me. We are responsive to our ticketing system within 24 hours and it strange that they haven't shown up in our system as this takes place immediately once the ticket has been sent. I would like to try and find out more information to try and ensure there wasn't a reason our system blocked it as we want to ensure customers that we receive the tickets and are ready to help.

    May I ask where you purchased the 4 units from? We will work quickly either through us directly or with the place of purchase to get your unit replaced. All motors should start without issue upon engaging the idle mode.

    A few things that you can check rather quickly are the following...

    -Hand turn all of the motors and see if the affending motor has more friction or doesn't turn/spin as freely as the others. There could be a loose magnet or possibly something binding the motor up.

    -Check that the connectors for that motor are all well connected.

    -Ensure that all the trims on your radio are centered. You can see them centered on the screen of the radio:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	R8 Radio Trims.png 
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    -One other thing that you could try is an ESC calibration. It could be that the ESC to that motor needs re-calibrated. The process is quick and simple:

    In order to do this, all you will need is your Navigator and lipo (radio off).

    Plug in battery and immediately after plugging in, hold down the right rear button integrated into the right rear led. Keep holding and you should experience a range of beeps and sounds (once the process begins you can release the button). Once the calibration procedure is complete (no more beeps), power down the unit. Now power up your Tx and the Navigator and see if that fixes the issue you are experiencing.

    Try these things and see if it fixes the issue. Again we will make sure to get you up and running with this Navigator as quickly as possible.

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    Hi Jamie ,
    Many thanks for the reply .
    Never received a notification via email of my ticket numbers , that why I posted on forum.

    Units were purchased from

    TX were all centralized and motors turned the same.
    ESC calibration worked a treat..
    Many thanks for that.
    We now have 4 drones working.

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    Hey Javid,

    Great to hear! Enjoy the Navigators. If you ever have any other questions or need help don't hesitate to reach out to us. Again I apologize about the issue with the tickets as well. We are checking our firewall system to see if there were any issues that would hold up tickets coming through.



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